Transiting Juno on natal Pallas

By 12andus

Pallas-Juno-Conj.jpg Transiting Juno conjunct natal Pallas

During this time you can easily attract a partner who makes a strong commitment to your vision and larger mission now.

You may feel the need to focus on your larger goals now, not just the needs of your immediate partnership. This can be an important time to enlist the help of your partner so that you can both battle injustices together and align with each other’s greater mission.

You may feel like your partner has also become an influential mentor of sorts now as well. Your partnership may become more focused on strategies so you can both support each other to achieve your shared goals.

Transiting Juno sextile natal Pallas

During this time you can find it easy to align your commitment to your partner with your commitment to your mission or bigger vision.

This is an ideal time to strike up a deal and use your intuition and sense of strategy to advance romantic, personal and professional partnerships. A connection through your partner may lead to advancement of your plans now.

You may have an agenda to follow now and your ambitions are enhanced by the support of your partner during this time.

Transiting Juno square natal Pallas

During this time you may feel strife in your relationship.

Your partner may not easily align with your ambition and strategy for success now. This is an important time to assert your plans and needs to your partner. You may need to come to an agreement about your boundaries in the relationship or strategy for your shared vision together.

Though your goals won’t immediately align with your partner’s goals at first, you will be able to use your skills in negotiation to work out a compromise that is satisfying to both of you.

Transiting Juno trine natal Pallas

During this time you can easily find motivation for your bigger vision or mission with the help of your partner.

You may come to advance your strategy with the help of an influential partner now as well. This can be a great time for advancing your commitments and making your devotion to a partner official.

This is also an important time to strike a deal and make bargains to promote your ambitions with the help of your partner.

Your partner may become an important mentor to you now as well. You may also come to appreciate your partner’s role in helping you to further a progressive social agenda.

Transiting Juno opposite natal Pallas

During this time, your desire for commitment and devotion in your partnership can run counter to your desire to fulfill your mission to your bigger vision now.

You may feel like your partner doesn’t truly understand your higher vision and mission. Your partnership may also distract you from attaining the success you need for your larger aspirations.

You can find ways to work through your insecurities and jealousy now and in doing so, you can create greater success in your campaign or on your mission now.

You may have a difficult time seeing the larger patterns and understanding how your strategy fits with the resources at your disposal now. Rather than being helpful, it may seem like your partner distracts you from seeing the bigger picture.

You’ll need to assert yourself now in order to not allow the relationship to deter you from your mission or lead you to miss key aspects of your larger mission now.

Transiting Juno quincunx natal Pallas

During this time you may find it difficult to reconcile the calling you feel connected to with the needs of your relationship.

You’ll need to work through your fears and insecurities now in order to collaborate more effectively with your partner. You and your partner can work together to fulfill your bigger mission for justice and equality, but you will need to make sure you are both on the same page first.

Try to avoid undermining your relationship now. Your vision or mission can bring you into greater connection with your partner and their support can help you succeed on a mission you are passionate about.

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