Transiting Juno on natal Juno

By 12andus

Juno-Juno-Conj.jpg Transiting Juno conjunct natal Juno

Partnerships and commitment are in the spotlight now.

You may easily attract your ideal partner. It’s also easy for you to convey your devotion and commitment to a partner at this time. You can find a partnership to be fulfilling and your faithfulness and loyalty is recognized by someone who reciprocates with equal devotion.

You can succeed in establishing a solid foundation now by making your commitment to your partner known. You are more concerned with balance and harmony in your relationship than you are with just having your way.

This can be an ideal time to meet your future partner. This can also be a favorable time for a relationship milestone like a marriage or commitment ceremony.

Transiting Juno sextile natal Juno

During this time, you may easily find your ideal partner.

Your partnership or commitment can move to the next level, and your loved one may make their devotion and loyalty clear to you. Though you may easily become jealous, there will be no need to now.

Your partner will be clear about their dedication to your relationship and the two of you can work together without fears or insecurities distracting you from fulfilling each other’s needs.

You can also both find it easier to relate to each other and understand each other’s needs on a more personal level.

Transiting Juno square natal Juno

During this time you may find it difficult to reconcile your needs and your partner’s needs.

You may feel unsatisfied with your partnership. You may also feel like your partner doesn’t understand what you need in order to feel secure. You may doubt your partner’s commitment. Insecurities and jealousies can surge in your relationship now.

Putting out small fires will help you continue to nurture your relationship so that you don’t continue to build resentments within the relationship.

You can strive to compromise with your partner and work through challenges now but you need to put forth the effort of asserting your own needs for nurturing now.

Transiting Juno trine natal Juno

During this time you may find it easier than usual to express your devotion and commitment to your partner.

This is an ideal time to express your commitment through marriage or an official statement of your connection to your partner. It will be clear that you and your partner are setting a solid foundation for your future now.

This is an ideal time to create a solid bond with your partner as trusting your partner will be easy.

You can work through past insecurities now with ease because you have the love, devotion and loyalty you need from your partner.

Transiting Juno opposite natal Juno

During this time, you and your partner may strive to show your devotion and commitment to each other.

Yet you may not easily be able to meet each other halfway. It may take effort, but both you and your partner can come to define your connection and devotion to each other.

You may need to work through past insecurities and jealousy to show your devotion or to feel the commitment your partner is trying to convey to you.

Your partner may be trying to compromise and help you feel comfortable and secure. Yet for some reason, you’re struggling to see it now. You may doubt their loyalty or sincerity now.

Try to take the time to work through the conflicts that arise in your partnership now.

You will be able to come to a solid understanding and reciprocal exchange of love and devotion with your partner now, but it will take some effort.

Transiting Juno quincunx natal Juno

During this time, you may feel like your partnership is not as solid as you would like.

You may have to work through some insecurities or jealousy so that you can truly feel supported and loved by your partner. You may be tempted to go to extremes to try to get your partner’s attention.

This can backfire now. Instead, try to work through your own fears and insecurities so you don’t project your fears onto your partner.

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