The meaning of the astrological relationship reports

astrological-relationship Relationship reports available with synastry, composite charts and personalized answers for the couple

On 12andus a user can ask for a relationship report with any person he/she knows the birth data, or even with another 12andus user. Through an accurate analysis of both astrological charts, we can infer the areas of mutual attraction as friendship, romantic, sexual, intellectual, business and spiritual. The meaning of those are quite obvious.

Each of those areas of mutual attraction can be high or low according to the aspects of the composite chart (a third combined astrological chart created by joining the 2 persons' charts) and synastry charts (a chart displaying the connections between the 2 persons' planets and houses).

However, what's the meaning of the harmonic and conflictual qualities in the relationship reports? While it's easy to grasp the meaning of being adaptable, creative, deep, energetic, passionate, sincere, or steadfast for an individual person, it might be a bit more difficult to understand those qualities in a relationship.

We consider a relationship as an independent entity. A relationship morphs into something which is different from both the individuals involved.

Laura wanted to check the compatibilities with her ex boyfriends. She inserted the birth data of her previous boyfriends through “Your astro data” page and then ran the Astro reports choosing Relationship reports for each of them. It cames out that with one of her ex, the relationship qualities were about being sensual, affectionate, and artistic, with a stronger romantic and sexual attraction, while with another one, it was about being confident, energetic and enterprising.

With the first boyfriend she had a passionate relationship, where the sense of beauty and the feelings were at the forefront. This period coincided with important transits of Jupiter and Neptune on her Venus, as she checked the “Forecast” reports for such time (at 12andus we can “forecast” also the past: you ask a report for any past of future date either for yourself or for a relationship).

With the second boyfriend, the connection was about working together on a common project. That was an active relationship where they both experienced the working world, while the first relationship was more intimate and behind closed doors (mostly bedroom doors).

But the conflictual qualities between her and her second relationship were about being moody and argumentative; the work connection wasn't smooth. And since the relationship wasn't supported by many loving qualities, it ended along with the common work project. Laura recovered and learned a good lesson from that experience.

Every relationship give us the chance to experience parts of ourselves that would be  difficult to experience alone.

Laura then checked the relationship report with a potential new boyfriend. The areas of mutual attraction show a good blend of friendship and romantic qualities, reinforced by qualities as communication and support. Even though a controlling aspect might be in the cards, it would be a chance for her to let go of her controlling attitude by trusting more.

With every person, we feel in a different way and we activate or inhibit parts of ourselves that are useful to expand the awareness of who we are. 12andUs' relationship reports can reveal the important factors at the base of any relationship.

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