Vesta in the houses: In what area of life do I produce my best work in service of Spiritual purification?

Vesta-12-Harm.jpg Vesta in the 1st house

You are committed to self-mastery. This can include devotion to physical strength and courage on behalf of those in need.

You may channel your spiritual energy and focus to create purification through refining your image and physical appearance. You can come to equate physical appearance with perfection and purity. You may strive to always maintain an optimal appearance.

You may sacrifice a lot in order to embody your ideals. Your sense of purity is worn on your sleeve. You may have an acetic sense of fashion and opt for functionality in your wardrobe rather than flashiness.

You will do your best work in favor of using your own views and experiences to embody leadership and ideals for the benefit of others. You may be decisive and sure of yourself and you carry yourself with certainty that others find reassuring.

You may become the poster child for purity and idealism, and your outward rituals will help convey your higher ideals and desires to be of service.

Vesta in the 2nd house

You do your best work when you find a way to devote yourself to creating health, security and abundance for others.

Your rituals related to finances, food and gardening can generate resources that will sustain you. Yet you are also conscientious of others’ needs.

You devote yourself to work involving creating security for others. You may see it as your sacred mission to see that others are well fed and comfortable. You can have strong boundaries and rigid expectations, yet your ritualistic style of creating comfort, beauty and security is reassuring to others.

You may have rituals and routines that help you establish trust with others and your strong boundaries help you channel your power and talents to help those you care about.

Your best work comes as a result of insistence on stability. You are patient and determined when you show your commitment and dedication to your work.

Vesta in the 3rd house

You show your commitment and devotion to your mission by speaking, writing and communicating about your spiritual ideals.

You can be intellectual, witty and even a bit humorous as you convey your ideals to those around you. You are driven to be of service to your peers, siblings and members of your immediate community.

You can be adaptable, creative and resourceful as you fulfill your mission. You find writing and teaching others to be purifying and invigorating. You conduct your best work when you clearly communicate with others and try to build understanding.

Your mission may involve work educating or training others. You see education as a purifying process, helping people come to understand new ideas. You take literacy seriously and may see this as part of your sacred mission.

You are devoted to helping people understand new things and improve communication.

Vesta in the 4th house

You can be dedicated to work involving home, family and providing safety and security to others.

You do your best work when you are focusing on helping others to feel at home. You may also be able to fulfill your mission from the comfort of home or in collaboration with family.

You feel it is your mission to make others feel at home and to be protective and nurturing to others. You may be drawn to work in real estate, work with children or families or to heal those impacted by domestic abuse or domestic issues.

You find being home and among family to be purifying. You may be drawn to mediate family conflicts as well.

At some time in your life, you may be called to fulfill a mission related to caretaking, nurturing or caring for family members. You are devoted to heritage, tradition and creating security. You do this by caring for the emotional and sometimes physical needs of others.

Vesta in the 5th house

You may feel it is your duty to bring light heartedness, fun and games into tense situations.

You understand the purifying power of play, optimism and cheerfulness. You also may feel it is your sacred mission to promote creativity and artistic talents in others.

You do your best work when you can be a fun, playful and ambitious leader who appeals to others’ need for empowerment and optimism. You can be charming and even serious issues will lead you to respond with humor and kindness.

You can be generous and may have rituals involving play, light competition and creativity. Art and music or performing arts are important to you and help you feel spiritually connected.

You can be loving and devoted to others, especially to young people. You’re always young at heart and may use games and entertaining tactics to appeal to others. Your mission is related to leadership, empowering others and spreading joy.

Vesta in the 6th house

Your sacred calling is related to healing and finding purity through being as close to perfect as possible.

You may try to be a perfectionist and you’ll channel your energy into the healing arts, science, research or mundane tasks in order to fulfill your mission.

You see it as a spiritual mission or sacred duty to help others advance to become the best possible version of themselves.

You may be meticulous and detail oriented in your service work. You notice all the small details that are important to fulfilling your mission. You feel it is purifying to sacrifice luxury and opulence in favor of minimalism and asceticism.

You don’t require praise or recognition. Instead, you are motivated by the desire to be of service to others. You easily set emotion aside and use rational logic and research alone to serve your purpose.

Vesta in the 7th house

Your sacred mission involves working in collaboration with a partner. Whether romantic or business partner, you do your best work in collaboration with another person.

You feel like you can find purification through connection with another person. You may look to others to mirror your emotions or to reflect back your highest potential. You find spiritual connection through partnerships as well.

You need balance, beauty and harmony in order to feel comfortable.

You can also use your sensitivity, empathy and intellectual strengths to fulfill your mission. Your sacred calling may involve creating harmony, de-escalating situations, and working in diplomacy, the arts, advocating for others, and healing relationships.

You may be called to sacrifice some of your own ambition to work in tandem with a partner. Doing this is healing and brings you closer to your spiritual ideals. You may find it integral to your mission to take in the perspectives of others.

Vesta in the 8th house

Your sacred mission and sense of spiritual connection is channeled through powerful transformation.

You may have several rituals that help you release blockages and find rebirth and reconnection with Spirit.

You may also find great power and confidence in yourself as you work to fulfill your sacred mission. Though you may get a boost from shared collaboration or share business resources, you ultimately go deep into your psyche so that you can find deeper transformation.

You find purity through letting go, cleansing and purging your life of blocks and distractions.

You may also need to be clear about your higher aspirations and will look courageously for the truth in order to transform and release what is no longer serving you.

Your sacred mission and duty may bring you to work in fields like addiction recovery, finance, archaeology or excavation, or in fields related to death, loss and transformation.

Vesta in the 9th house

Your sense of mission and sacred vision is related to philosophy, spirituality, law and sciences.

You may have rituals that keep you in the momentum of serving your higher purpose by bringing others to their full potential. You may be called to be an advocate for others.

You may do your best work when you can address a large audience. When you can show optimism and raise the bar for others, you are at your best.

You are devoted to truth and justice and may strive to help others expand their beliefs and vision for the future. You may have high ideals and strong convictions related to progressive growth.

You may be drawn to work in law, science, medicine and higher education. Your sacred connection to Spirit may also be served through long distance travel or some part of your life spent living abroad.

Vesta in the 10th house

Your sacred mission is channeled through your business and public platform.

Your status as a public figure or professional helps you carry forth your sacred mission. You may feel more spiritually aligned when you are carrying out your work in business, government or other large institutions.

You may also find a career path or business venture that is intimately related to your ideals and spiritual connection. You may also have rituals that help you to uphold stability and security in your life.

You are devoted to success and achievement and may associate success, especially financial success, with purity and spiritual ascension.

You may also have a strong commitment to self-discipline and being organized, patient and focused. Your financial security and sense of connection to roots and to the past can be spiritually fulfilling to you.

You may feel a spiritual calling to sacrifice through hard work and discipline but also through connection to the past, heritage and tradition.

Vesta in the 11th house

Your desire for purity can lead you to become in large campaigns, grass roots missions and humanitarian causes.

You are devoted to dramatic social change. You may be intense, erratic and intuitively driven to fulfill your mission. You may also feel more spiritually attuned when you can act independently but on behalf of the collective.

You may be drawn to use technological advancements and unorthodox methods to get your message across. You may be drawn to work in social services or in radical grass roots organizations.

Community organizing appeals to you as well. You are independent and free thinking but will sacrifice your own ambitions in order to follow your mission to improve society in the future.

You can be dramatic and intense but also shocking and abrupt when you are sharing your mission and message broadly. You may feel purified when you are creating abrupt and dramatic change.

Vesta in the 12th house

Your sacred mission is to be compassionate and share spiritual truths with others.

You may be drawn to work in fields that involve creativity, healing, the arts, end of life care and healing emotional wounds. You may find purity and fulfill your mission by overcoming egotistical attachments and returning to your spiritual nature.

You may do your best work when you are emotionally and creatively engaged in the process and when you are fulfilling a spiritual and Karmic mission. You are drawn to find purity through connection with all life and may find fulfillment in nature and in relationship with people and connection to animals.

As you open up more, your intuition is also heightened. You may become more transcendant and aware of the nonphysical realms. Part of your mission may be to share this wisdom and understanding with others.

Your rituals may deal with losing your ego self and connecting with all life.

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