Composite Vesta in the houses: In what areas of life are we best able to act in service to others?

Vesta-12-Harm.jpg Composite Vesta in the 1st house

You are both devoted to a sacred mission that is an outward and open part of your relationship.

You may also put your shared sense of mission first and foremost, sacrificing what you both would want for yourselves and devoting yourselves to a cause of service. Healing and sacrifice are important aspects of this relationship.

Others may see you both as self-effacing, committed instead to creating routines and rituals that help others connect with their higher vision and spiritual purpose.

You may both feel inspired by some idea of purity or cleansing that is part of your regular rituals and practices. This can also show in your appearance or habits together as you may share an intense interest in following practices that relate to spiritual healing.

Composite Vesta in the 2nd house

You are both likely to focus on sacred healing and service to others through nurturing each other’s needs for comfort and security.

You can help inspire each other to set the boundaries you’ll both need to find healing. You can also help each other attract the financial stability you both need to fulfill your vision and spiritual calling.

You’re devoted to a shared mission, and this can lead you to sacrifice material things others find important so that you can focus only on your path of spiritual service.

Others may not understand your devotion to simple abundance but you both can find it purifying and empowering to clear your path of materialistic distractions and focus instead on what uplifts you and brings you closer to your shared spiritual mission.

Composite Vesta in the 3rd house

You may both express your devotion and spiritual calling through your creativity and communication.

You easily make promises and may inspire each other to think in intense ways. You can also both find it easy to make connections between your plans and ideas and your higher connection to a spiritual mission.

You may make routines and habits that revolve around expressing your ideals and communication with each other. In addition, regular shared practices of communicating with spiritual guides through meditation or divination practices may be part of how you both find clarity and inspiration.

Composite Vesta in the 4th house

You are both likely to devote yourselves to serving others through routines and habits related to home and family.

You may see it as your higher mission to open your home to others in need. You may also find it is important to devote yourselves to serving and helping family. As a couple, you may see parenthood or even adopting or fostering children in need as a path to fulfilling your higher spiritual mission.

You may sacrifice some aspects of your own personal desires in order to follow your higher path and provide security and comfort to each other.

Composite Vesta in the 5th house

You may both find it easy to devote yourselves to sacred acts of creativity.

You may help inspire each other to make art, music, or theatrical performances that are divinely inspired. You may also share a love of devoting yourselves to helping others discover their own artistic talents.

This relationship can be a source of inspiration and you help each other find empowerment and confidence. You may feel as if you’ve both given up some aspects of your childhood but in doing so, you both have sensitivity to the needs of children to have exploration, play and encouragement.

Composite Vesta in the 6th house

You may both become focused on devoting yourselves to purity and service.

You are both passionate about helping others and you easily find ways to bring your spiritual ideals into your daily practices and routines. You may share an intense interest in purity and cleansing and this may translate into keeping organized and clean work or living space.

You are also likely to inspire each other to pursue healthy lifestyle routines including eating healthy and organic foods. You can both help others follow your shared ideals and spiritual mission by making sacrifices that support healing and growth.

Composite Vesta in the 7th house

You can both find it easy to devote yourselves to this partnership as you see this relationship as sacred.

You may feel drawn to each other as you have a powerful mission to fulfill together. You can easily feel compelled to make sacrifices that connect you to each other. You may also see it as a divine act of sacrifice to give up some aspects of your personal ambitions in order to devote yourselves to each other.

This relationship can help you both show your passions and commitment to a higher cause. You may connect around a shared vision of how to help others. You can help each other become devoted to creating healing in your relationships with others as well.

Composite Vesta in the 8th house

For the two of you, the connection to your higher vision and spirituality may be expressed through your sexuality.

You may help each other find clarity and purpose through exploring sacred sexuality. This relationship can bring a sense of purity and cleansing as you both find empowerment through your shared passions and higher vision.

This can be an important relationship for helping you both undergo significant transformations that relate to your higher purpose and identity. You are both passionate about uplifting esoteric and taboo topics.

You may both find it easy to explore topics like death, rebirth, sexuality and the occult. You can help each other blend your passions and vision, pursuing purity and power through acts of service and healing that relate to spirituality, initiation and transformation.

Composite Vesta in the 9th house

You may both find devotion to a higher mission related to your shared philosophy and spirituality.

This relationship can help you both find clarity and purpose when it comes to inspiring others to fulfill their higher potential. You may both bring passion and purpose to this relationship by experiencing new perspectives. Travel and exploring different cultures can help you both express your higher spiritual ideals.

This relationship can lead you both to explore purification and healing related to expanding your minds and advancing your wisdom and knowledge. Higher education or advancing your interests in law, medicine, philosophy and spirituality can be core topics that bring out your shared passions.

Composite Vesta in the 10th house

You are both likely to show your devotion to each other through your shared career path.

You are both drawn to act in service of others through a path of public service. You may have an intense shared connection to a mission that blends your spiritual ideals and practical interests. You are drawn to supporting each other’s mission of service and healing and may be passionate about helping to inspire each other’s successes.

This relationship can give you both the foundation you need to explore your passions and devotion to routines that help you bring healing and connection to a higher mission into your work and career.

Composite Vesta in the 11th house

You are both devoted to unconventional acts of service.

This relationship can bring out your intense passions. You are both devoted to sacrificing your own personal passions so that you can help promote the needs of groups and organizations.

You can be passionate about your innovative ideals. You may have a quirky way of showing your devotion to friends and unorthodox groups or movements.

You may both have an intense and passionate connection to routines and practices that help promote your higher ideals and spiritual mission. You can inspire each other and may come across to others as extreme in your commitment to shared principles.

Composite Vesta in the 12th house

You are both devoted to helping each other clear and cleanse emotional wounds.

You may inspire spiritual healing and rebirth for each other. This is also a relationship that can be intense and blend passion with higher ideals. Your shared spiritual mission may involve serving as healers and guides to those who are confused, lost and suffering.

You are both devoted to using your artistic and creative gifts to help others find healing and clarity. This relationship can be a source of spiritual awakening as you both seek purity and focus through your spiritual practices, artistic and creative interests, and habits that align with your higher ideals.

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