Mercury and Vesta aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you find inspiration to fulfill your sacred mission?

By 12andus

Mercury-Vesta-Conj.jpg Mercury conjunct Vesta in the birth chart

You are highly attuned to your spiritual mission. From an early age, you may feel a zealous connection to your sacred path.

You are easily inspired to share messages you feel are divinely inspired. You may write, speak or teach subjects that are focused on service to others.

You can become enthusiastic about your mission and everything about your mindset is dedicated to service and spreading knowledge about connection to a spiritual mission.

You easily find hope even in difficult situations and you believe it is your duty to help spread hope to others. You may be committed to educating others even at the sacrifice of subjects or lessons that were important to you.

You don’t mind making this sacrifice, you are eager to do so.

Mercury sextile Vesta in the birth chart

You have an easy time translating your ideas into part of your mission to serve others.

Your thoughts and message to others may be divinely inspired. You may outright channel a higher source as part of your sacred mission, or you may be driven by a strong connection to the divine which guides you to speak, write or teach others.

Your mission may be to serve others as a messenger now and you have plenty of hope and enthusiasm to share.

You may find it easy to help uplift others through your style of communication and intellectual abilities.

Mercury square Vesta in the birth chart

You may feel a strong urge to share your message with others.

You have a gift for communicating your mission or sacred quest, but may also not always live up to your calling. When you falter from your path, it is because your mind becomes distracted by other interests.

You may even subconsciously use your plans and ideas to distract you so you don’t have to fully commit and invest in your sacred mission.

When you stop getting lost in distractions, however, you can clearly convey a message of great importance. You may be called to serve others as a teacher or mentor. You may also use writing or speaking to communicate aspects of your mission.

You feel most connected to source when you are learning, speaking, writing or teaching others, yet you need to overcome the temptation to block yourself from fully living up to your mission.

Mercury trine Vesta in the birth chart

You may feel a strong urge to use your gifts for teaching, writing or speaking to help others form a connection to the divine.

Thinking and intellectual activities make you feel the most spiritually connected. You may believe that spirituality and enlightenment are achieved by taming the mind and contemplating important abstract subjects.

Your relationship with the divine is intellectual primarily as well. You may feel called to make an important sacrifice involving purifying your mind or your thoughts. In doing so, you will feel closer to the Spirit realm.

Mercury opposite Vesta in the birth chart

You may feel torn between your ideas and plans for your own future and a path to which you are devoted.

Your spark of enthusiasm and inspiration may lead you to take your sacred mission seriously, but you have a hard time giving yourself completely to serve others. You may fear losing autonomy or that your mind will no longer fully be your own.

When you work through these fears, however, you can achieve balance between dedicating your intellectual gifts and communication skills to the service of a mission that benefits others and your own personal learnings.

You can come to satisfy both your own quest for knowledge and your desire to use your intelligence to serve others. you may sacrifice some aspect of your interests or plans but will gain more in return as long as you fulfill your obligations of service or spiritual quest.

Mercury quincunx Vesta in the birth chart

You may want to come to a greater understanding of spiritual topics and your own personal mission.

Yet instead of fully giving yourself over to service through spiritual connection as a writer, speaker or mentor, you’re inclined to overthink and overanalyze. This can actually block your true connection.

You may have to work to break a habit of obsessing or overthinking your spiritual beliefs so that you can truly feel your higher connection.

Though you may fear losing some aspect of your control over your plans or thought process, you may be called to make a sacrifice so that you can fulfill your higher purpose.

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