Mars and Vesta aspects in the Birth Chart: How does your passion fuel your sacred mission?

By 12andus

Mars-Vesta-Conj.jpg Mars conjunct Vesta in the birth chart

You have a strong sense of passion and determination and you easily channel this to fulfill your sacred mission.

You feel most connected to the spiritual realms when you are physically active. Martial arts, dance, athletics or physical activity that challenges you can help you feel connected to your divine Source.

You may feel called to make a dramatic sacrifice, setting aside some aspect of your own ambition in order to follow your calling or spiritual quest. You can serve others through a path of devotion to courageous action on behalf of others.

You may have a warrior-like attitude toward service or spirituality. You can be militant about your calling as well.

You are passionate about your calling and never complain about being on the front lines of challenging situations so that you can lend a hand to others.

Mars sextile Vesta in the birth chart

You can easily invest your energy and ambition in fulfilling your spiritual calling.

You may feel focused on a calling that requires some sacrifice and you will find it easy to put your own personal needs for admiration and recognition aside in order to serve others.

You may also feel that spiritual connection is best attained through actions, movement and alignment as opposed to intellectual pursuits of enlightenment. You will need to find active channels for your energy in service of others on a spiritual mission.

Mars square Vesta in the birth chart

You may face friction between your ambitious nature and your calling to be of service to others.

You can be courageous and focused on your mission. At the same time, your desire to follow a spiritual path can lead you away from your personal ambitions. Yet when you face your discomfort and acknowledge the need for some sacrifice, you will be better able to fulfill your mission.

Your spiritual calling to serve others will be aided by your acceptance of your individual gifts, and your personal gifts will bring you greater satisfaction when you channel them in service to your higher calling.

Mars trine Vesta in the birth chart

You can easily channel your passions and ambition in order to fulfill your spiritual calling.

You can be a passionate advocate for others. Your service to others is demonstrated through your actions, not just words. You walk your talk and embody your spiritual ideals. You may even feel more spiritually connected when you are taking action on behalf of others.

You can have a militant and well controlled routine for showing your devotion to your spiritual calling and your enthusiasm is obvious to others.

Mars opposite Vesta in the birth chart

You may feel conflicted about your personal ambition and your sense of spiritual calling.

You may be called to serve by putting your needs aside and acting courageously to help others. Military service or militant-style actions fuel your sense of calling and spiritual purpose.

Yet you may wish you could abandon your higher calling and just focus on your personal ambitions and desires. When you step back and find a way to balance your personal ambitions with your higher calling, you can succeed on your mission. By fulfilling your spiritual calling, you end up finding deeper personal fulfillment anyway.

By overcoming resentments and impulsive actions that distract you from your higher spiritual calling, you can come into alignment with your gifts and courage, finding ways to fulfill your mission and embracing the sacrifices that help you serve others.

Mars quincunx Vesta in the birth chart

You may feel a strong impulse to act on behalf of your spiritual ideals, especially in service to others.

At the same time, you may need to do some deeper introspective work in order to really be prepared to fulfill your purpose and follow your calling. When you take the time to work through your own impulses and attachment to your personal ambitions, you can find it easier to fulfill your spiritual calling.

You can become more confident in your calling and spiritual path as well when you reconcile your personal ambitions and the sacrifices needed in order to fulfill your calling.

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