Uranus and Vesta aspects in the Birth Chart: How do unexpected changes help you find your spiritual calling?

By 12andus

Uranus-Vesta-Conj.jpg Uranus conjunct Vesta in the birth chart

Everything about your quest is unusual and unique to you.

You may borrow from different practices or traditions, but your own intuition guides you to fulfill your spiritual calling. You may take an unconventional approach both the sexuality and spirituality.

You may also suddenly make a dramatic sacrifice that helps you fulfill your quest to be of service by aligning your vision and spiritual inspiration. You are recharged and refueled by taking time to yourself. Sometimes your style of doing this is dramatic and leaves others shocked and confused.

You have an instinctive awareness of how to take care of yourself and when you need to make a dramatic change in order to find greater spiritual connection and be of service to others, you’ll do it.

You don’t think twice about making eccentric and unorthodox moves in order to fulfill your mission. You can make great personal sacrifices in order to follow your own independent vision of progress.

Uranus sextile Vesta in the birth chart

You can easily stand out as an individual and will blend your intuition with your desire to be of service to others through your calling.

You may have to make some sacrifice to your individual path but you can maintain a strong connection to your ideals. It’s easy for you to let go and make changes that bring you in closer connection to your greater purpose and mission.

You may make dramatic changes to your views on sexuality or embrace some unusual routines that help you fulfill your spiritual calling.

Uranus square Vesta in the birth chart

You may want to serve society in a unique way that draws on your creativity and spiritual connection.

Yet when you try to follow your intuition, you may stop short of fully dedicating yourself to your mission. Instead, you are likely to struggle to consistently find ways to fulfill yourself and renew your energy so that you can complete your mission.

Your desire to be of service to others is often thwarted by your tendency to lose interest or only follow specific routines for a short period of time before getting distracted.

If you can channel your unique vision, intense energy and intuition and keep your focus sustained, you’ll be able to keep your energy strong as you fulfill your spiritual calling and be of service to others in dramatic and farreaching ways.

Uranus trine Vesta in the birth chart

You can easily show your unique perspective and intuition in service to the community and as part of your spiritual calling.

You can find it easy to break away from the crowd and from tradition in order to break new ground and set a new foundation. This helps you to find your own niche and style of being of service to the larger society in a way that fulfills your spiritual mission.

You may sacrifice some aspect of your personal freedom in order to devote yourself to your spiritual path as well. Though sacrifice seems daunting, you won’t shy away from making personal sacrifices for significant long term gains.

Uranus opposite Vesta in the birth chart

You may feel pulled in two different directions when it comes to your spiritual calling.

You may have a strong urge to walk your own path and frequently break away from traditions and groups in order to fulfill your own personal needs. Though you are concerned about society and humanitarian issues, you may feel compelled to turn your back on your calling when the mood strikes you.

You may come close to following your calling and then become suddenly and dramatically distracted from your path. If you don’t bring balance between your individual path and your quest to be of service to others, you can continually wander in circles or even sabotage yourself periodically.

You can find greater success if you strive to blend your individual perspective, visionary nature and intuition with your ability to follow your calling.

You can go to extremes and are attracted to zealous religious or spiritual groups at first. Finding balance can give you greater connection to spiritual practices that refresh you and help you serve the community.

Uranus quincunx Vesta in the birth chart

You can find it difficult to commit to following through on your spiritual calling or self care.

This is especially true when you are called to make sudden or dramatic changes. You may try to hold on to traditions or cling to the past in ways that undermine your larger spiritual calling and even interfere with your spiritual connection.

You can find greater security and confidence in yourself and grow to trust your unique, independent perspective. This can help you connect with your spiritual calling and step up to the plate to serve others in a more profound way.

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