Neptune and Vesta aspects in the Birth Chart: How does your mystical, intuitive side feed your spiritual calling?

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    Neptune-Vesta-Conj.jpg Neptune conjunct Vesta in the birth chart

    You have a strong connection between your sensitive, intuitive, mystical side and the routines that help you connect to your divine calling.

    Your spiritual source is most easily channeled through acts of creativity, compassion and transcendence. You may adopt a strict routine of meditation and mind altering processes as a means to bringing you closer to your spiritual mission.

    You may also feel called upon to break away from illusions and sacrifice some aspect of your dream or personal desire for romance and connection in order to fully fulfill your spiritual mission.

    Your mission may involve being of service to others as a spiritual healer who spreads a message of compassion.

    Your creative and intuitive nature can lead you to serve others in a powerful way, helping others find spiritual connection and transformation through your own example and even through self-sacrifice when necessary.

    Neptune sextile Vesta in the birth chart

    You may easily step into routines that enhance your intuition and mystical connection.

    Doing so will easily help you follow your calling and make necessary sacrifices in order to help others follow their own path to healing. You may easily help others find their own higher connection to spirit and your mission may be to help others remember their deeper connections.

    By reminding others of their spiritual connection through your practical example and self-healing routines, you can act as a spiritual mentor or guru for others.

    Neptune square Vesta in the birth chart

    You may want to delve deeper into your spiritual and mystical side but you may also face tension when you try to do so.

    You may struggle to accept your intuition. You may also find it difficult to surrender control and make necessary sacrifices in order to facilitate deeper healing.

    When you find ways to consistently put your spiritual ideals into practice, through meditation, prayer, transcendent experiences and even artistic practices, you will be better able to follow your calling.

    You can find creative and compassionate ways to refuel your energy and to help others through selfless acts of service.

    Neptune trine Vesta in the birth chart

    You have a strong connection to your spiritual calling. Your mystical, compassionate and intuitive side help you follow your mission.

    You may be called to make a sacrifice involving emotional loss or healing, love or illusions and by making this sacrifice, you transcend distractions and can completely dedicate yourself to your spiritual path.

    You may become more spiritually charged when you are engaging in creative acts or through selfless acts of compassion and love.

    Neptune opposite Vesta in the birth chart

    You may feel torn between pursuing your desire for love and compassion and sacrificing your personal comfort in order to serve others.

    Your spiritual calling may lead you away from what you dreamed of or may lead you to confront your fears and see through the illusions that made you feel comfortable in the past.

    When you hide from your true calling and mission, you may sidestep your true power as a healer. You may also be tempted to sidestep your spiritual routines and self-care at times.

    When this happens, you may be sabotaging your own success on your spiritual path. You may also undermine your spiritual connection.

    When you bring your spiritual connection and mission to serve others as a healer into alignment with your own desire to find connection and completion, you’ll be able to stop a pattern of self-martyrdom and follow through on your higher calling.

    Neptune quincunx Vesta in the birth chart

    You may find it difficult to make the sacrifices you need to make in order to fulfill your higher spiritual calling.

    You may have to find ways to dig deeper and work through emotional wounds in order to eliminate distractions from your spiritual quest as well. When you do this, you’ll be able to break patterns of martyrdom and passive-aggressiveness in order to truly understand the difference between such distractions and your true calling.

    You can find it easier to follow your quest once you have overcome your insecurities and grow to trust your intuition on a deeper level.

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