Vesta and Midheaven aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you devote yourself to your career?

    By 12andus

    Vesta-MC-Conj.jpg Vesta conjunct Midheaven in the birth chart

    A powerful surge of devotion and attention to detail fuels your spiritual mission and helps you succeed in your career.

    Your career path and spiritual ideals are intertwined. You may choose to devote yourself to a career path in which you are of service to others. You may work as a healer, mentor, counselor or spiritual leader.

    You may be called to sacrifice a successful career path that would satisfy your material desires in order to follow a spiritual calling that brings you to serve others in a more humble way with greater benefit to those around you.

    Though you may not receive the same recognition and wealth, you will be fulfilling your higher calling in the process. You may find greater success when you blend your career path and public image with your spiritual calling and devotional practices.

    Vesta sextile Midheaven in the birth chart

    You can easily translate your spiritual calling into routines and practices that benefit your career.

    You have a solid work ethic and will fulfill your obligations and responsibilities as if you were fulfilling a sacred initiation. You may also choose a career path that is influenced in some way by your spiritual connection or ideals.

    When you live in alignment with your higher wisdom and spiritual connection, you will easily succeed in your career path.

    Vesta square Midheaven in the birth chart

    You may find it challenging to adhere to your spiritual routines and fulfill your career goals.

    With some work and adjustment, however, you can draw from your inspiration and devotion to your spiritual path in order to create a successful foundation in your career.

    Though you may have a strong sense of idealism moving you forward in career, you seldom seek fame and glory for yourself. You are content to be of service by working for the benefit of others.

    Vesta trine Midheaven in the birth chart

    You easily devote yourself to your mission and your career is easily fueled by your dedication.

    You can find it easy to draw on your focus, attention to detail and humility to succeed in your career path. You are also likely to excel in a career path that is based on or related to your spiritual path.

    Your integrity and idealism can feed your desire to be of service to others. When you act according to your higher wisdom, your career will thrive.

    Vesta opposite Midheaven in the birth chart

    You may have to resolve conflicts between the path to which you feel devoted and the demands of your career.

    Your true spiritual connection comes from your intimate time with family or serving others in some aspect of your private life. Your career path or public image may distract you from this higher calling.

    Yet when you learn to create a balance between your deep desire to be of service behind the scenes your career path or public persona, you will be able to succeed both in career and on your spiritual quest.

    You may be challenged at some time to sacrifice some aspect of your career in order to satisfy your spiritual calling. When you make this sacrifice, you will benefit in the long term.

    Vesta quincunx Midheaven in the birth chart

    You can find it difficult to devote yourself to your career.

    You may be called to sacrifice some important aspect of your career in order to follow your ideals and spiritual path. This will not be an easy transition to make however as you may be reluctant to let go and accept your path of being of service to others.

    Yet when you do some deeper soul searching, you can find it easier to accept your path and dedicate your energy and focus to your spiritual calling.

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