Jupiter and Vesta aspects in the Synastry Chart: How do you expand your beliefs and sense of devotion?

    By 12andus

    Jupiter-Vesta-Conj.jpg Jupiter and Vesta conjunct in the synastry chart

    Both Jupiter person and Vesta person have a strong sense of idealism.

    This can help fuse their connection to each other. They may share a common spiritual quest and sense of being on a special mission. Jupiter person is open to learning new things and expanding their mind and may help Vesta person expand their own spiritual beliefs or ideology.

    Vesta person has a deep devotion to being of service to others and can help Jupiter person advance on their path as well. Vesta person can help direct Jupiter person's energy toward opportunities to be selfless in service of community.

    Jupiter trine, sextile or semi-sextile Vesta in the synastry chart

    BothJupiter person and Vesta person easily thrive as a couple.

    Jupiter person helps Vesta person expand their mind and find greater confidence. Vesta person helps Jupiter person think beyond their own needs and consider ways they can be of service to others. Jupiter person can be hedonistic, but Vesta person reminds Jupiter person of the need for self sacrifice.

    Vesta person finds encouragement and inspiration from Jupiter person as well.

    Jupiter opposite, square or semi-square Vesta in the synastry chart

    You struggle to blend your ideals and needs as a couple.

    Though you can both have strong convictions, Jupiter person loves to expand their horizons and uplift others while also indulging in their own pleasures and luxuries.

    Vesta person can remind Jupiter person of the need to sacrifice their own desires for a greater calling or spiritual path. This does not sit well with Jupiter person at first but with some effort this couple can come to collaborate well with each other.

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