Transiting Moon on natal Vesta

By 12andus

Moon-Vesta-Conj.jpg Transiting Moon conjunct natal Vesta

During this time you have a deep emotional commitment to devoting yourself to a spiritual calling.

You may feel a sense of divine connection stemming from your responsibilities to home and family. Devoting yourself to a caretaking role or serving others by passionately pursuing a quest to protect those you care about can be a part of your mission.

You may have a deep intuitive drive to commit yourself to your spiritual path and even if this leads you to sacrifice some aspect of your own security or comfort at home, in doing so you’ll be successfully helping others find their own security and feeling of being part of a family or anchored to a home base.

You may find security through your devotion to a cause that helps you follow your higher calling to be of service to others as well.

Transiting Moon sextile natal Vesta

You may find it easy to express your desire for security and home now, though you’ll feel compelled to do so as part of your spiritual quest.

You’ll find it easy to make home, family and your devotion to serving others as a caretaker a key part of your spiritual calling during this time. You may have to sacrifice some aspect of your desire for security and a sense of home or spend time away from family.

Yet in doing so, you’ll easily find energy to follow your calling and fuel your spiritual connection and this alone may provide security and nurturing for you now.

Transiting Moon square natal Vesta

During this time you may feel intuitively drawn to pursue a unique spiritual calling.

Your quest may challenge your desires for security and comfort now and you may feel disruptions to your home and family life as you are compelled to fulfill your spiritual mission.

With some effort and intentionality, you can find ways to leverage your intuition and desire to serve others as a caretaker and your own personal need for security and connection to family.

In doing this, you can find greater success as on your spiritual path.

Transiting Moon trine natal Vesta

You can easily express your nurturing and intuitive side as a part of your sacred calling.

You may now feel compelled to pursue a spiritual quest and in following your calling you can easily convey your gifts as a nurturer and caretaker.

You may easily follow a calling to serve others as well and can help others feel comfortable and at home by embracing the spiritual practices that you espouse.

You can easily convey your love by treating others as extended family and routines and rituals related to caregiving and nurturing can help you feel more spiritually inspired.

Transiting Moon opposite natal Vesta

You may find it difficult to reconcile your desire for security and emotional connection and your sense of spiritual calling.

You may want to focus on home and family and remain in your own comfort zone. At the same time, you may intuitively feel a strong calling to follow your spiritual mission and pursue opportunities to serve others as a nurturer or caretaker.

Though you may feel charged with a sacred responsibility to tend to the needs of others as a caretaker, your insecurities can inhibit you. If you step back and work through your doubts or fears, you’ll be better able to fully devote yourself to a path of nurturing and caregiving in service to others.

This will help you align with your higher spiritual path as well.

Transiting Moon quincunx natal Vesta

Though you may feel compelled to fulfill a spiritual calling that involves home, family or acting as a caregiver, you may not feel ready for the responsibility.

You may question your role on your spiritual path or feel devoted to a calling but doubt your ability to follow through. If you take some time to step back now and work on creating your own deeper emotional security, you’ll find your connection to home and family to be a source of spiritual connection rather than a burden.

You may be called to sacrifice some aspect of your emotional security. In doing so, you’ll find far greater devotion to your quest and ability to fulfill your mission.

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