Transiting Mercury on natal Vesta

By 12andus

Mercury-Vesta-Conj.jpg Transiting Mercury conjunct natal Vesta

You can easily find the inspiration to pursue your sacred mission.

You may become fired up by ideas and plans that help you express your ideals and pursue your higher calling. Communication with others and learning new things can help you align with your spiritual calling during this time as well.

You may find it easy to both intuit and express your true calling now and can easily express your spiritual ideals. Practices involving writing, speaking and educating may help you devote yourself to your higher spiritual calling during this time as well.

You may take a vow of silence or commit yourself to a course of study that helps you fulfill your mission of service to others. You may find ways to listen deeply and hear messages of spiritual guidance that help you fulfill your work.

Transiting Mercury sextile natal Vesta

You can easily express your spiritual views and calling through your intellect and curious nature.

You may feel inspired to take a class, give lectures, write, speak or teach others about spiritual practices that fuel your devotion to your quest now as well.

Through your intellect, you feel a stronger bond with your higher Spiritual connection and you can easily express your devotion to your path through your ideas and communication.

You may feel inspired to write, speak or listen deeply through meditation in order to fulfill your calling.

Transiting Mercury square natal Vesta

Though you may feel compelled to speak or write as a part of your spiritual calling, you may have to work through friction in order to do so.

Tension and conflicts arise when you try to follow your calling. You may have to work to overcome insecurities or fears about not having the right plan or intellectual capacity to align your ideas with your spiritual quest.

You may also be called to sacrifice some aspect of your plans in order to fulfill your mission. A vow of silence or restricted communication, or a review of your plans or ideas may be in order.

Transiting Mercury trine natal Vesta

You can easily find the passion and inspiration to follow your spiritual calling.

You may feel compelled to pursue a special calling that draws on your intellectual skills and ability to communicate with others diplomatically.

You can be of service to your higher calling through your writing, teaching or speaking abilities.

You may also find it easier to express your spiritual ideals and follow through on rituals or routines in which you devote yourself to service through the acts of writing, speaking or teaching.

Transiting Mercury opposite natal Vesta

You may have a firm idea of what your purpose is and have a plan you intend to follow.

Yet a powerful spiritual calling may compel you to search in a new direction. Incorporating new information into your process as a spiritual seeker can be difficult for you.

You may struggle to find the perfect ways to balance your desire to be a mediator, educator or spokesperson on behalf of your spiritual quest or tradition. When you step back and work to find greater balance, you’ll find it easier to draw on your intellectual gifts and use these qualities in service to others on your path.

Your higher calling may involve speaking, writing or teaching others and you may also have to still your mind and listen on a deeper level first.

When you do so, you’ll be better able to draw on your special insight to fulfill your quest and help serve others through your strong intellectual skills.

Transiting Mercury quincunx natal Vesta

You may have a difficult time accepting responsibility for your spiritual calling now.

You can be adaptable and intelligent but can also talk yourself out of following through on your mission. When you take the time to work through your doubts and insecurities, you’ll find the courage and confidence to draw on your skills as a writer, speaker or teacher in order to fulfill your higher calling and be of service to others.

Embracing these skills can help you fulfill your spiritual calling and guide others through your words or teachings.

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