Transiting Venus on natal Vesta

By 12andus

Venus-Vesta-Conj.jpg Transiting Venus conjunct natal Vesta

During this time you may easily find a strong attraction to others who can help you fulfill your spiritual quest.

You easily find value and comfort in practices, routines and rituals that help you connect with your calling to be of service to others. Part of your mission now may be to help others see the beauty in themselves and in the world. You can also help inspire others to find beauty and love in their connection to spiritual practices.

You may be compelled to sacrifice some aspect of material comfort or possessions in order to find true security and deeper connection spiritually now as well.

Though you’ll have to make a sacrifice of some kind, you will find it easy to embrace this calling and find greater security and love in the process.

Transiting Venus sextile natal Vesta

During this time you may find it easy to sacrifice your desires for love, intimacy and material comfort in order to follow your higher calling.

A spiritual quest requiring you to embrace your Divine nature may be calling you to make adjustments to what you value. In doing so, you can make room in your life to honor your spiritual connection.

Your routines and rituals may become more centered on showing love and compassion or on paying attention to your physical needs.

Creating security helps you feel a divine connection to Source.

Transiting Venus square natal Vesta

You may find it more challenging to find value in yourself or in your spiritual quest.

During this time, you may have to work through challenges and conflicts in order to express your compassion and find security now. You may find it difficult to sacrifice your luxuries and pleasures in order to devote yourself to a higher spiritual calling.

You may have to work hard to overcome insecurities, materialism and jealousy issues in order to stay connected to your divine calling as well. Though you may have to work through difficulties in order to connect to your higher spiritual calling, you can find ways to do so effectively.

As you do so, you’ll be better able to be of service to others spreading compassion and empathy and helping others find physical ways to strengthen their spiritual connection.

Transiting Venus trine natal Vesta

During this time you may find it easier than usual to express your spiritual connection through your interactions with others.

Acts of compassion and service are essential to your higher calling now. You may help others find greater value in themselves and find the beauty in their surroundings.

You may also find spiritual connection through tangible routines. This can involve daily spiritual devotions, practices and rituals that help you express your love and devotion to others.

Transiting Venus opposite natal Vesta

Though it may be challenging, you can work to find a balance between your desire for security and comfort and your need to make some sacrifices.

Your materialistic side and potential for possessiveness and jealousy can interfere with your ability to follow your spiritual calling. When you work to resolve insecurities and tendencies toward jealousy and confront your materialistic nature, you will be better able to advance in your goal of being of service to others.

You can more easily find ways to fulfill your spiritual quest and serve others on your path if you first acknowledge your own need for security. Looking to superficial measures to find security and comfort will not address the deeper issues that hinder you from opening up to your spiritual connection.

Rather than seeking comfort it is best to find balance between your personal need and the needs of your spiritual path and service to others.

Transiting Venus quincunx natal Vesta

During this time you may struggle to find ways to implement your spiritual practices and follow your higher calling.

Insecurities and fears about scarcity, abandonment or rejection may lead you to act possessive or materialistic. You may also find it challenging to have confidence in yourself.

When you work to reverse patterns of self-doubt and insecurities, you can find deeper connection with Spirit in a way that allows you to fulfill your mission. You can come to embrace your calling through self-sacrifice and devotion to showing love and compassion to others.

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