Transiting Neptune on natal Vesta

    By 12andus

    Neptune-Vesta-Conj.jpg Transiting Neptune conjunct natal Vesta

    During this time you may be moved by a mystical desire to fulfill your spiritual mission.

    Your work takes on a more creative tone and you will find rituals, routines and practices that involve transcending the immediate physical reality and embracing higher consciousness.

    Devoting yourself to a path of service may require you to appeal to the compassionate nature of others or to act as a healer for others. Your ability to connect with others with great empathy and gentleness can help you serve your higher calling during this time.

    Though you value your deep intimate connection to others, you may be more willing to sacrifice time spent with intimate friends, partners or even family in order to pursue your spiritual calling now. Mystical practices may become a part of your routines now.

    You may embark on a new practice involving meditation, trance or channeling or use your artistic, musical or other creative talents to directly channel your higher spiritual wisdom now.

    Transiting Neptune sextile natal Vesta

    During this time you may find it easy to blend your compassion, empathy and mystical nature with your work toward being of service to others.

    Your higher calling may require you to give up some aspects of your time spent in close connection with intimate friends and loved ones now. You may devote yourself to your mission wholeheartedly now.

    Creativity and empathy play an important role in your devotion to your spiritual calling and work as a healer for others now.

    Transiting Neptune square natal Vesta

    During this time you may find it difficult to fully give your devotion to your spiritual mission.

    You may seek escapist tactics to avoid your responsibility to an important calling now. You may fear losing connection with a partner or other important loved ones if you fully give your attention to your work now.

    You may also fear the responsibilities or obligations involved in fulfilling your mission now. If you work to overcome your insecurities and doubts, you’ll be able to serve others as a healer now.

    Transiting Neptune trine natal Vesta

    During this time you may find it easy to effortlessly devote yourself to your spiritual path.

    Your work or mission may involve creativity, healing and expressing your compassion and empathy. You’ll have no problem making sacrifices for the good of others especially in regards to healing and helping others grow spiritually.

    You may also find it easy to draw on your mystical and intuitive side so that you can follow your spiritual calling.

    In doing so, you can find it easier to fulfill your work and find personal healing and satisfaction at the same time.

    Transiting Neptune opposite natal Vesta

    During this time you may feel torn between your mystical nature and desire for deep, intimate emotional connection and your work.

    Responsibilities related your spiritual calling may require you to break away from your creative interests or from routines that make you feel comfortable.

    Although you will be challenged to face your fears and step out of your comfort zone now, if you do so you will find ways to channel your spiritual and mystical energy to fulfill your role as a healer and guide to others.

    When you find the balance between your mystical, dreamy and romantic nature and your need to pay attention to detail as you work toward a higher calling, you’ll be able to follow the spiritual path that satisfies both your personal advancement and completes your mission.

    Transiting Neptune quincunx natal Vesta

    During this time you may find it difficult to face important aspects of your work.

    You may try to obscure your calling or hide in escapist routines. You may find it difficult to take responsibility for and fully accept your spiritual calling. When you face your fears and work through your insecurities, you’ll be better able to find your connection to your higher mission.

    Your connection to Spirit will also become stronger now because if you embark on your own path of healing.

    The more you work through your own escapism and addictions now, the more you’ll be able to fulfill your mission to others as part of your spiritual calling.

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