Transiting Lilith on natal Vesta

    By 12andus

    Lilith-Vesta-Conj.jpg Transiting Lilith conjunct natal Vesta

    This can be a powerful time for healing and success in your work.

    Your independence and sexual energy can fuel your cause and spiritual mission now. You may feel compelled to make some kind of sacrifice to your autonomy or sexual desires in order to find more motivation for your spiritual quest.

    Your work may involve your independence and need for rebellion against the status quo. At the same time, your spiritual calling is enhanced because of your willingness to confront the status quo.

    You can find great power and motivation that leads you to blend your spiritual ideals with details of your daily rituals and practices that will help you succeed in your work.

    Transiting Lilith sextile natal Vesta

    Your powerful creative energy and untapped emotions are easily channeled in order to fulfill your work as a spiritual leader.

    You may be called to follow a quest that allows you to be of service to others in a unique way. Your own talents and creativity can be channeled to help you succeed on your mission.

    You may feel easily moved to devote yourself to a path that aligns with your spiritual mission but also empowers you to be true to yourself.

    Transiting Lilith square natal Vesta

    You may feel a deep urge to break away from tradition and follow a unique path to spiritual service and fulfillment now.

    Yet even as you have opportunities to fulfill your sense of mission, your deeper needs may seem to stand in the way. This will not be an easy time though if you take the time and effort to devote yourself to your work in spite of the friction and challenges that arise, you will be able to succeed.

    The timing may be off or you may have to modify your plans. Even if you do so, this is a good time to keep your own deeper needs in mind. Be open to making some sacrifices but still be true to yourself.

    Transiting Lilith trine natal Vesta

    You can easily channel your deeper desires and rebellious energies to succeed in your spiritual mission now.

    Your work may bring you into close alignment with your higher spiritual ideals. You can draw on your creative, rebellious side to find motivation for success in your work or higher calling.

    Even anger can fuel your motivation, resulting in positive steps forward as you serve others as a role model and leader, helping others discover their raw inner power. You may also help others recognize the link between sexuality and spirituality now as well.

    Transiting Lilith opposite natal Vesta

    You may now feel torn between your raw inner emotions and needs as an individual and your calling to be of service to others.

    Though your spiritual ideals can compel you to make sacrifices and be of service to others now, you may resist this idea at first. Especially if you feel that devoting yourself to your work now will interfere with your independent needs.

    You may feel confined, suppressed or silenced because of the need to address your service to others or the work that you need to do now.

    Yet if you step back you can find balance between following your own needs and being your own authority, and being aligned with your spiritual values so that you can fulfill your mission now.

    Transiting Lilith quincunx natal Vesta

    Though you may need to follow your individual sense of calling now, you may also feel compelled to follow your spiritual path.

    You can follow your spiritual ideals and fulfill your mission now but it will be challenging to remain balanced unless you take the time to work through insecurities and deeper wounds that lead you to rebel at the expense of your independence.

    If you take these measures, you will be able to fulfill your mission and become more confident to show your rebellious and independent nature while following your spiritual mission.

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