Transiting Pallas on natal Vesta

    By 12andus

    Pallas-Vesta-Conj.jpg Transiting Pallas conjunct natal Vesta

    During this time you may easily find ways to draw on your sense of vision and further devote yourself to your higher calling.

    Your spiritual quest may require you to act decisively and with strategies. Your ability to see the bigger picture can help you remember your commitment to your spiritual calling now.

    You may be called to act as a guide or mentor for others now as well. During this time it is essential to blend your passion and intellectual strengths in favor of your dedication to work toward being of service to others.

    You may successfully blend your assertive and fiery desire to advance a campaign for justice and progress with your higher ideals and spiritual calling now. You can become active and vocal in a campaign for justice and doing so will make you feel more connected to Spirit.

    You may also find enlightenment and spiritual advancement as a champion for justice.

    Transiting Pallas sextile natal Vesta

    You can easily draw on your inner warrior and assertive nature to fuel your spiritual calling now.

    You can find greater passion and ability to devote yourself to your calling because of your strong sense of morality. You can become passionately committed to a mission or campaign that helps you connect with your sense of spirituality and enlightenment.

    Your intellectual, strategic approach to fulfilling your spiritual calling can lead you to successfully embrace a role of service even if some self-sacrifice is required.

    Transiting Pallas square natal Vesta

    You may find it challenging to organize your thoughts and come up with strategies that help you carry out your spiritual mission now.

    Though you may be passionate about your mission now, you may have to work through friction and tension in order to carry out your mission. You can face obstacles, limitations or misunderstandings related to your calling now as well.

    Though you may face difficulties, if you work to refine your mission or refocus on your strategies, you can more easily align your passionate spirit and your devotion to your spiritual quest.

    Transiting Pallas trine natal Vesta

    You can easily draw on your strategic, intellectual nature in order to promote your spiritual quest.

    This is an ideal time to blend your passion about a campaign you care about with your devotion to a spiritual calling. Your work is highly influenced by your sense of mission and passion about social justice.

    Your strong sense of right and wrong will fuel your actions and this can help you to persevere on your quest.

    You may be called to make some sacrifices to your specific strategies but you will still be able to follow your higher ideals in the process.

    Transiting Pallas opposite natal Vesta

    You may feel torn between your passionate call to be a beacon for justice and some aspect of your spiritual calling.

    Though your passion about your mission and devotion to your work may be strong, during this time it may be difficult for you to openly embrace your mission now.

    You may resist the calling to express your ideals through your strategies or leadership roles or resist some aspect of self-sacrifice that needs to be made now.

    Yet when you step back and find ways to balance your sense of mission and your spiritual calling, you will be better able to fulfill your mission and be of service to others.

    As a result, you’ll be able to work to embrace your mission and become more focused on the strategies you need to follow now.

    Transiting Pallas quincunx natal Vesta

    During this time you may find it difficult to fully embrace your calling.

    Though you may have devoted yourself to a mission or campaign for justice, you may struggle to find the confidence you need to fulfill your spiritual calling and act in alignment with your vision and ideals.

    When you take the time to break cycles that keep you doubting yourself or limit your ability to see your full potential, you’ll be better able to embrace your spiritual calling and be of service to others.

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