Transiting Vesta on natal Moon

    By 12andus

    Moon-Vesta-Conj.jpg Transiting Vesta conjunct natal Moon

    During this time you may find it easy to blend your mission and sense of calling with your nurturing strengths.

    You can easily follow your quest to serve others and in doing so, amplify your intuition and emotional connection to those around you. Your work may take on a more emotional focus now.

    You may feel compelled to work as a caregiver, caretaker or nurturer or to serve others who need to find greater security. Your work or mission may also lead you to focus on family or home now.

    Even if you are called to sacrifice some aspect of your own sense of security during this time, you can do so easily. You may embrace some limitations or sacrifice as a process that ultimately connects you to your higher calling during this time.

    Transiting Vesta sextile natal Moon

    During this time you can find it easier than usual to draw on your sacred mission to help emotionally align with your spiritual calling.

    You may feel emotionally motivated to fulfill your sacred calling now. During this time you can also nurture your work and find greater emotional connection to your spiritual path.

    Your spiritual calling, sense of work or devotion to service may be fueled by important family relationships. Your desire for security and home may also help to fuel your sense of spiritual mission during this time.

    Transiting Vesta square natal Moon

    During this time, you can find it frustrating to address your needs for security and your sense of spiritual calling.

    You may find it difficult to express devotion to your mission. Your desire to find security and stability in your home or in family relationships may interfere with your sacred calling now.

    You may have to work harder to fulfill your mission. The need to make a sacrifice to your comfort, home life or family relationships can also drive you to resist your calling and therefore resist challenging your comfort zone.

    Though you will need to work through your hesitation, you can successfully find ways to achieve your spiritual calling now.

    You will have to make modifications to your plan or wait for the timing to be right so you can devote yourself to your mission and feel secure about your path.

    Transiting Vesta trine natal Moon

    You may easily blend your spiritual quest and calling with your traits as a nurturing caretaker now.

    You may have to make some sacrifices to your comfort zone now but it will be easy for you to take on this sacrifice as you will see it as a necessary step to embrace your higher calling during this time.

    You can find it easy to express your sensitivity, empathy and intuition as you succeed in following your calling and embracing your spiritual practices that contribute to your mission now.

    Transiting Vesta opposite natal Moon

    During this time you may feel torn between your sacred mission and your deep seated need for security.

    You may resist embracing your work or nurturing your path now because of fears of losing security or having to sacrifice time with family or at home.

    Yet when you step back and find balance between your need for comfort and security and your need to embrace your spiritual calling, you’ll be more likely to fulfill your mission and act in service to others.

    Though you may feel it is important to be of service as a caretaker or nurturer now, doing so will require some adjustments or efforts to openly embrace your mission during this time.

    You may have to work through limitations or fears in order to more fully devote yourself to work that involves being of service to others as a nurturer or caretaker during this time as well.

    Transiting Vesta quincunx natal Moon

    During this time you may find it challenging to fulfill your mission and follow your spiritual calling.

    You may have an intuitive sense that you are being called on a path of service to others now. Yet having to make sacrifices to your home, family or sense of security can hinder your willingness to accept your mission now.

    When you take the time to step back and focus on your self-healing and introspection, you will be able to find the confidence to nurture your higher spiritual calling now.

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