Transiting Vesta on natal Mercury

By 12andus

Mercury-Vesta-Conj.jpg Transiting Vesta conjunct natal Mercury

During this time you may find it easy to devote yourself to a spiritual calling that involves communication and planning.

Your need to be of service to others will be dependent upon your ability to express your ideas and communicate your spiritual values to others. Your work may involve service to others by devoting yourself to communication of a sacred message during this time.

You may also sacrifice some aspect of your mission or calling now. You may feel called to take a vow of silence for a period of time or spend more time dedicated to meditation or silent practice.

Singing, chanting, inspired writing or channeling may also be practices you embrace now to strengthen your connection to the divine through your intellectual and communication skills now.

Transiting Vesta sextile natal Mercury

During this time you can easily devote yourself to a higher mission through your communication skills.

You can be more passionate about your mission or message now. You may also find it easier to envision and express your spiritual ideals during this time. You may feel compelled to speak, write or abstain from speaking because of your devotion to a spiritual mission now.

You can also find it easier to speak in ways that convey your spiritual ideals now. Following your mission can clarify your mindset, communication style and message now as well.

Transiting Vesta square natal Mercury

During this time you may struggle to express your spiritual mission and sacred calling.

Your views and ideals may conflict with a calling you feel compelled to follow. You may feel confused or unclear about your work or your mission now as well. It may take some time or effort to overcome obstacles now so that you can fulfill your work.

Yet when you take the time to work through confusion and follow your spiritual calling, you will be better able to express your ideals and help teach others to form a stronger connection with Spirit.

Transiting Vesta trine natal Mercury

During this time you may find it easy to follow your sacred mission and express your values through speaking, writing or teaching.

You may feel called to refrain from some form of communication in order to purify your mind and heighten your consciousness through a process of deeper reflection and listening.

Your spiritual work may take on a more intellectual form and you may try to learn or teach others about a spiritual mission as part of your work now.

You may succeed on your path because of your willingness to devote yourself to your calling during this time.

Though you may have to make some sacrifices or give up some ideas or distractions, doing so will help renew your fire when it comes to following your calling now.

Transiting Vesta opposite natal Mercury

During this time you may find it difficult to fulfill your spiritual mission.

Your sense of calling may run counter to an important message you need to share or to your communication style. You may have to reconsider your priorities or ideas, plans or attitudes in order to completely have faith in your higher calling during this time.

By stepping back and finding balance between your calling and your thought process or communication style, or by sacrificing some aspect of your communication or attitude, you will be better able to devote yourself to your spiritual calling now.

You may come to adopt new ways of communicating that draw on your passions for divine inspiration rather than separating your spiritual connection and intellectual skills for example.

Transiting Vesta quincunx natal Mercury

During this time you may feel insecure about your spiritual mission and plans.

You may have an idea about what you are meant to do and the kind of intellectual work you wish to pursue. Yet you may also feel called to follow a spiritual mission that takes your attention away from your calling to be of service to others now.

When you take the time to explore your inner attitude, thought process and assumptions, you’ll be better able to devote yourself to your work and spiritual mission now.

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