Transiting Vesta on natal True Lunar Node

True Lunar Node-Vesta-Conj.jpg Transiting Vesta conjunct natal True Lunar Node

During this time your personal sense of mission and your higher spiritual calling are intimately linked.

You may feel compelled forward as you evolve on a path toward fulfilling your sacred calling now. You can find greater meaning and a stronger connection with your divine Source in this time.

Though you may feel compelled to follow a spiritual mission that takes you far outside of your comfort zone, you’ll easily be able to do so. You will also be able to easily follow your sacred mission and make needed sacrifices while openly devoting yourself to your higher path.

Your identity may undergo dramatic transformation now as you step into a more advanced stage in your spiritual development. From this standpoint, you’ll be better able to serve others as a leader.

Transiting Vesta sextile natal True Lunar Node

During this time you can easily express your spiritual ideals through your work and sense of mission.

Your path requires you to advance outside of your comfort zone and you may easily be able to step up to the plate and fulfill your larger mission now.

Though you may have to stretch beyond what is comfortable for you, you’ll find the opportunity to evolve and advance to be deeply satisfying rather than fraught with obstacles.

You may enhance some aspect of your spiritual practice now because of your willingness to follow your intuition and live in alignment with your true destiny.

Transiting Vesta square natal True Lunar Node

During this time if may be challenging for you to step into your role of working in service to others.

You may have a chance to take on work that is more aligned with your greater purpose or mission, but feel reluctant to devote yourself to this work because of hesitation to sacrifice some aspect of your comfort required for you to truly advance now.

If you adjust your mission or work through your own insecurities now, you’ll find it easier to draw on your motivation to be of service.

You’ll be better able to bring your higher calling into action in practical ways, using rituals, routines and acts of service to bridge the gap between your higher calling and your personal destiny.

Transiting Vesta trine natal True Lunar Node

During this time you may find it easier than usual to devote yourself to your higher mission.

Your spiritual quest can lead you to be of service to others and as you follow this calling, your own personal path will become more refined and advanced. You may more easily create harmony between your ambitions and your calling to serve others.

During this time you can also find the motivation to compel you to challenge yourself and make sacrifices that help you reach your ideals and aspirations.

Your relationship with Spirit may be enhanced by your willingness to follow your personal passions now.

Transiting Vesta opposite natal True Lunar Node

During this time you may feel torn between your desire to follow a spiritual mission and your personal desire to advance on your own path.

Your ambitions may seem to be at odds with a calling to be of service to others. Sacrifices you may feel called to make now will help you align with your higher ideals and help you to fulfill your calling.

Yet before you can effectively move forward on this path, you may have to first resolve fears of loss and letting go. If you find the balance between your personal sense of destiny and your calling to serve others now, you can more easily embrace your mission and channel your higher wisdom in your daily tasks and work now.

Transiting Vesta quincunx natal True Lunar Node

During this time you may find it difficult to follow your sacred calling and advance on your spiritual path.

Your desire to serve others as a spiritual leader or guru may be challenged by deeper insecurities. You may find it harder to live up to your higher ideals now because you have yet to accept some unique aspects of your destiny.

If you take the time now to fully embrace your unique calling, you will be better able to serve others as part of a larger spiritual quest or mission. Work through insecurities and fears that prevent you from accepting some aspect of your destiny first.

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