Transiting Vesta on natal Pallas

    By 12andus

    Pallas-Vesta-Conj.jpg Transiting Vesta conjunct natal Pallas

    During this time you may find it easy to fulfill your work or sacred mission because of your intellectual skills.

    Your ability to express your spiritual ideals through your strategic planning and passionate devotion to your mission will help you succeed in serving others as a mentor or leader now.

    Your renewed passion in your mission can also help you feel more devoted and inspired in dedicating yourself to your connection with Spirit now.

    You may serve as a leader or mentor drawing on your passions and blending your focus with strategic ideas that direct you to initiate progressive change or personal advancement now as well.

    You may have a more militant approach to fulfilling your mission now and your work may be a source of inspiration and motivation now. You can be more attentive to details now as well.

    Transiting Vesta sextile natal Pallas

    During this time you may feel a stronger surge of motivation as you devote yourself to a higher mission.

    Your work or quest may require militant attention to detail and a clear, intellectual focus. By devoting yourself to your work and mission now, you are more clearly aligning your spiritual ideals with your mundane path.

    You can step into a position of service to others as a mentor or leader now and offer inspiration and vision to guide those around you as part of your quest.

    Transiting Vesta square natal Pallas

    During this time you may find it challenging to align your higher calling with your vision of advancement and progress.

    You may have to work through a difficult phase in which you are resistant to follow your sacred calling. You may have reservations about collaborating with others now because you don’t want to compromise any aspect of your calling.

    Yet you may need to make such a compromise in order to fulfill your quest and be successful in your work.

    If you work through the obstacles and friction that arises now, you can step into a position of leadership and mentor others by drawing on your intellect and strategic wisdom.

    Transiting Vesta trine natal Pallas

    You can easily draw on your passionate spirit and desire to be a catalyst for progressive change as part of your spiritual mission.

    You can use your intellect and intuition to create strategies to turn your larger vision into a path to service through your daily work. Rituals, routines and practices that bridge the connection between your spiritual ideals and your practical work are enhanced.

    You can help others find their role in a collective effort to bring change and justice by fulfilling your own spiritual calling.

    Transiting Vesta opposite natal Pallas

    During this time you may feel torn between your devotion to your spiritual calling and your strategies and higher mission.

    You may feel a struggle between your work and devotion to be of service to others and the calling that embodies your spiritual ideals. Your bigger vision and mundane work are out of alignment now.

    If you take the time to find balance between your mundane work and rituals and the practices that support your higher vision, you will be able to draw on your passion and use your intellectual strategy and intuition.

    Thus you will create a balance between being of service to others and sacrificing some aspect of your expectations and devoting yourself to your higher calling.

    Transiting Vesta quincunx natal Pallas

    During this time you may find it difficult to blend your passion and strategic nature and your calling to be of service to others.

    You may have to do some deeper soul searching in order to get to a point where you have the personal confidence to step up to the plate and fulfill your mission.

    Your calling and obligation to be of service to others can be enhanced by your spirited nature now. In order to leverage this passion, you’ll have to face some of your insecurities and fears and fully devote yourself to your calling now.

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