Pholus in the houses: What areas of my life can be the source of chaotic change and large impact?

Pholus-12-Harm.jpg Pholus in the 1st house

You may have a very mobile and transient lifestyle. You can be a strong advocate for healing but also a catalyst for dramatic change for others.

Difficulty and hardship can influence your outward personality and physical image. At the same time, small efforts you make through your personality, body language and outward appearance, can trigger significant events to unfold in your life.

These events can be miraculous or catastrophic, but regardless will lead to breakthroughs or awakenings. Facing issues with image, appearance and identity will lead you to greater breakthroughs. Restrictions or issues with deception can undermine your image or identity.

You may have a toxic flaw that influences your sense of self or you may have to heal from a toxic and inaccurate self-image. Steps you make to try to assuage your insecurities, especially your self-image, can prove to be damaging in or toxic to your well being in other ways.

Pholus in the 2nd house

If you are missing an important lesson or out of line with your values, dramatic changes will be set into motion that bring you back into alignment.

Hard awakenings can come from disruptions to your security, abundance and finances. You may have a rude wake up call that comes as a result of a seemingly small issue in your financial life. A small misstep can create dramatic insecurity or snowball into greater financial conflicts.

When you get back into alignment with your values, however, you will be able to turn the situation from a catastrophe into an opportunity for breakthrough and healing.

Your desire for security and financial abundance can lead to toxic greed or hoarding if you aren’t careful. You may have to realign with your true values and sense of security rather than falling into materialistic trappings of security.

Pholus in the 3rd house

You may move a lot or frequently change your interests and intellectual connections with others.

Small moves that take place can lead to dramatic changes in attitude and ideas. You may frequently be on the move. You may also develop a toxic fixation with ideas and attitudes that undermine your true intellect.

You will have the chance to go through transformative awakenings that can help you rebalance your perspective and return to a logical state of mind. You may be susceptible to toxic ideas or fanatic beliefs that lead you to get in over your head and need to find greater understanding again.

You may have a brilliant mind and knack for languages but your skills fail you in the moment you need the most. It takes transcending or overcoming difficulties with communication to find your greater message and mission.

Careless communication can lead you to say things you regret or speak before thinking. Small details can lead you to end up with a larger problem on your hands and it will take the same skills of communication and intellect to reverse the momentum of chaos and confusion.

Pholus in the 4th house

Your relationship with your mother is profoundly influential and not always in a positive way. Toxic elements from lack of nurturing or too much nurturing early on can unleash confusion and chaos in your life.

You may carry wounds from family and upbringing that become toxic and need healing later in life. When you have your own home and family, you may need to contend with seeds of uncertainty and abandonment that were sown in your childhood.

Your desire for security can lead you to unintentionally unleash emotional wounds that require you to sort out the toxic messages learned from family or relationship with early nurturers. When you work through this, you’ll have the ability to break through past restrictions.

You may even have to move frequently or have a home that is unusual or mobile, instilling an appreciation for travel and finding security even while on the road.

Pholus in the 5th house

You may have an insatiable appetite for creative expression, playfulness and romance.

You may have an artistic or creative talent that is unexpectedly unleashed. When it is, your life will be forever changed. You may become obsessed with your newfound talent to the point of toxic grandiosity.

On the other hand, you may unintentionally awaken a powerful talent that changes your path and leads you to success, leadership and enjoyment. You may find personal enhancement and growth through the creative process.

You may compulsively pursue playful relationships or affairs with people who invigorate you but may not be fully available. At worst, these relationships can become toxic. At best, you may have to overcome limitations or fears that lead you to become more confident and dramatic in your self expression.

An accidental stumbling upon your hidden spark and talents can lead you to dramatically change your attitude and create greater self-confidence.

Pholus in the 6th house

You may be going about your business, involved in day to day tasks when you accidentally stumble into a rabbit hole that leads to major awakening.

An unintended accident, one small detail in your work, a seemingly mundane action will unleash consequences you weren’t initially expecting.

This can mean that you end up entangled in a conflict that escalates dramatically. You may become toxically obsessed with mundane details, work or tedious matters. You may want to find security, health and stability but your desires will lead you to getting embroiled in tedious and unproductive tasks.

You can find great success through mundane work and doing things with your hands. Your efforts to fix or make things and your service to others can lead you to make dramatic life changes.

You may accidentally stumble into a situation that leads to success in your work or good health. You can use your attention to detail to work your way out of a messy situation.

Pholus in the 7th house

You easily gain friends and may be sought after by more people than you expected.

Your attractiveness and love of others can lead you to seek balance and empathy but sometimes you look for love in all the wrong places. You may make small seemingly innocent connections with people who turn out to have a dramatic life changing effect on you.

You may become obsessively involved in romantic relationships that you think are going to give you what you’re looking for, only to find that you have been deluding yourself or developing a toxic relationship.

You may need to heal from a past relationship before you try to move on into new relationships. Through relationships, you may unintentionally open up a can of worms that you can’t easily control.

You may find transcendence and healing from dealing with an unintended fallout from your attempts at relationships with others. Others can help you face hidden aspects of yourself and you can find peace with hidden aspects of your personality.

Pholus in the 8th house

Your emotions and intense intuition can lead you to seek greater wisdom and truth.

Your desire for deeper understanding can lead you to unearth chaotic emotions or fallout that you didn’t expect. When you least expect it, powerful transformation may come into your life. You may dredge up issues from your past that you didn’t realize had as strong a pull on you as they do.

You may have dramatic awakenings that lead you to make significant changes in your life. Even if you are reluctant to let go, you may need to let go of the past in order to clear yourself of obsessions that have become toxic.

Dealing with grief effectively can be your key to freedom and healing. You can find awakening and transformation as a result of crisis and loss. You may become obsessively addicted to power but this works against your ultimate goals.

On the other hand, you can find a closer connection to the spiritual realm through your search for truth. Your intuition and connection to Spirit can be heightened. You may also become more dramatically aware of your power and spiritual connection as a result of crisis.

Pholus in the 9th house

You may feel like you are on a path to search for greater awakening through wisdom and expansive thinking.

You can be opinionated and strong willed. You may also be independent and love to travel, relocating frequently or living abroad as you seek out truth and purpose.

Your sense of ideals and meaning are the key to transcendence. They can also lead you to unleashing a dramatic change that is initially chaotic. You may become lost in a frenzy when this happens.

The momentum that is created by this uncorking can spread on a large scale. You may find yourself in a messy situation that will only be transcended if you can let go of toxic beliefs and surrender to the process.

Your inability to control the situation may require instead that you overcome by taking on a different perspective. Your shift in beliefs can lead to a change in confidence. Your creativity and sensitive side can help see you through these chaotic transformations.

Pholus in the 10th house

Your search for truth and wisdom leads you to try to establish security and a solid foundation.

You want to be in a career that provides purpose and allows you to do something meaningful. Your ideas and hard working nature lead to explosive transformation.

You can unleash a dramatic and powerful transformation when you work toward success in achieving your goals. You may become intoxicated by your desire for wealth and success. This can lead you to get so engrossed in the tediousness of work and career that you start to forget your purpose.

Dramatic and chaotic situations can be wake up calls, pulling you away from the distractions and back to your true mission.

You may feel extra protective but find there is a major catastrophe from which you can’t protect others. Learning to let go of control and putting your energy into what you can manage and ways you can be productive is part of your mission when a breakthrough is warranted.

Pholus in the 11th house

You may have a compulsive urge to seek out progressive and radical change.

Without intending to, you can spontaneously stumble upon a dramatic situation that forever changes your life. In particular, changing your associates, thoughts, beliefs and progressive ideals can lead you to dramatic breakthroughs.

You may turn over every stone to try to find a cause to put your energy behind. You may easily get caught up in social disruption and cataclysmic revolutionary change.

Group membership can be life changing for you. You can get involved in a mission or campaign that leads to dramatic breakthrough and personal relationships. You may become zealous and go to extremes to try to assert your independence or in order to find what you are searching for.

Your use of technology can lead to dramatic breakthroughs which change your life. You may go so far that you need to then scale down your efforts.

Your desire for independence can lead you to reject or rebel against others and this can require you to need to sort out toxic attempts to assert yourself or make changes.

Pholus in the 12th house

Your desire for compassion and emotional healing leads you to unintentionally unleash old wounds.

You may bite off more than you can chew when it comes to seeking connection with others, finding that you unintentionally end up in relationships that have toxic elements.

You may have sudden epiphanies that dramatically change your sense of spiritualty. You may have to overcome dramatic emotional upheaval and make sense of your emotion and intuition.

You may go to extremes seeking purpose, faith and higher wisdom. Your ideals lead you to question anything that doesn’t quite feel right to you. You may find a toxic element of spirituality to be appealing and may seek escape or mind altering effects of transcendant practices or even substance use.

Even if your intentions are noble, use of escapist techniques and mind altering substances can lead you to make dramatic mistakes that then unleash substantial conflict which you will need to unravel.

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