Mercury and Pholus aspects in the Birth Chart: How is your mindset impacted by dramatic, unexpected turning points?

    By 12andus

    Mercury-Pholus-Conj.jpg Mercury conjunct Pholus in the birth chart

    Your entire thought process may easily become derailed during times of crisis and disruptive change.

    When your life is impacted by unexpected cataclysmic events, you may have to completely abandon everything you know. You can’t move forward and find healing or release while you’re hanging on to old ideas or ways of thinking.

    Small decisions can have explosive ramifications for you. You may have the best of intentions when it comes to protect others but your plans or ideas may backfire easily. You may have unrealistic expectations about your mental prowess. You may think you can talk your way out of any situation.

    This may be true until a time comes in which dramatic changes unleash a change in thoughts and attitudes and when this happens, there is no turning back. All you can do is try to let the breakthroughs lead you to new understanding.

    Mercury sextile Pholus in the birth chart

    You may need to purge your thoughts or use inspired writing or speaking to clear your mind.

    When you are faced with dramatic crises or loss of control, you may try to rush in to save the day as a mediator or spokesperson. Yet in doing so, you may unintentionally get caught up in thinking or attitudes that are part of the problem.

    Though you can’t get through a crisis completely unscathed, you can more easily express yourself cathartically and find catastrophic periods to be cleansing and healing on the whole.

    Mercury square Pholus in the birth chart

    You may find it challenging to adjust your thinking and express yourself when faced with cataclysmic changes.

    Dramatic events involving death, loss, chaos and loss of control can compel you to gain new perspective. But before you can begin to make sense of the ramification of dramatic changes, you have to first accept your need to adapt your thinking. This presents an obstacle.

    You may underestimate the scope of chaotic changes or expect things to unfold in a rational way, according to what you understand logically. Yet events beyond your control can lead you to have to readjust these expectations.

    Once you come to understand crises and challenges in a new light, you can better express yourself in a way that helps others to cope. You can also come to a greater degree of understanding personally as well.

    Mercury trine Pholus in the birth chart

    You can easily adapt your thinking to adjust to dramatic changes that were unexpected.

    Though you may try to be a guardian of ideas and protect others by censoring your communication, when catastrophic events occur and you need to be able to adjust your mind and express yourself you can do so clearly and effectively.

    Even as you adapt to situations that escalate out of control, you may be personally affected by some ramifications of the unexpected catastrophes.

    You may be able to provide perspective and insight that others need even if you sacrifice some aspect of yourself in the process.

    Mercury opposite Pholus in the birth chart

    You may easily feel torn between your desire to intellectualize and make sense of things and your need to respond to crisis.

    When you are faced with dramatic and widespread catastrophe, you may first try to use reason and rationality to respond. This will fall short of what you need in order to effectively react, however.

    By the time you realize your plans and ideas don’t fit the new paradigm you are facing, you may have more work to do in order to bring your ideas into alignment with the reality you are facing.

    Your thoughts, ideas and communication style can sometimes lead to small issues becoming major catastrophes. You may limit what you say or suppress some ideas to avoid confrontation or crisis, but doing this often backfires.

    When you learn to be more flexible and respond to catastrophes while being attuned to your needs in the moment, you can learn to react more effectively.

    Mercury quincunx Pholus in the birth chart

    You may find it difficult to accept some aspect of reality that takes a radically different turn than you expected.

    Major crises or turning points can cause disruption and distress, causing you to doubt everything you thought you knew. When small steps have big consequences, be it a misstep or miscommunication or a sudden twist of fate, you may find yourself reconsidering your attitudes and beliefs. What seems like a death or dramatic loss is actually the key to greater awakening and understanding.

    When you can grow from this shift in perspective you will be better able to respond to dramatic and unexpected changes.

    You will be better able to adapt to cataclysmic changes and turning points that help you rise to greater confidence in your ideas and communication style.

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