Saturn and Pholus aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you exercise self-discipline during a dramatic turning point?

By 12andus

Saturn-Pholus-Conj.jpg Saturn conjunct Pholus in the birth chart

You can easily merge self-discipline and responsibility during times of dramatic upheaval and crisis.

When you are faced with cataclysmic and life changing milestones, you look to tradition and work to try to create security and stability. You may naturally have an instinct for persevering during difficult times.

You can naturally step into roles of responsibility or own your own work, responsibilities and maturity as a result of major milestones and lifechanging crises. Even when you try to be protective and do all the right things to set a solid foundation, circumstances beyond your control can lead you to realize how limited your abilities are.

Rather than despairing, you can instead find greater endurance and strength. Challenges bring out your inner strength and fortitude.

Saturn sextile Pholus in the birth chart

You may easily experience milestones and dramatic, life changing events as occasions that call you to take responsibility.

You may remain level headed and try to be the voice of authority, drawing on wisdom from the past to act as a guardian or protector when major turning points cause havoc and chaos. Yet in spite of your best efforts, your limitations may become apparent during these cataclysmic events.

Though you may put yourself in the firing line out of a sense of duty, you’ll also easily find ways to help others feel secure and to work through times of upheaval in the most grounded, practical ways possible.

Saturn square Pholus in the birth chart

When unprecedented crisis and cataclysmic events arise, you find these turning points unsettling.

You may first try to repeat rituals and routines that were effective in the past, but find these practices largely unproductive. It’s not easy for you to shift your perspective and adapt to dramatic crises.

Yet when you do change your approach and adjust your expectations, you’ll be much better able to take responsibility and address your needs in the moment. You may also take the helm and try to serve others through your work or practical planning.

Your disciplined nature will help you navigate times of great upheaval if you accept your limitations in the course of the crisis.

Saturn trine Pholus in the birth chart

You may find it easy to step up to the plate and act as a leader or practical guide during a crisis.

Cataclysmic events and major life turning points can bring out the best in your sense of responsibility toward others and drive you to set a secure foundation for yourself and those around you.

Even when your attempts don’t quite contain the crisis around you, you’ll find powerful new ways to rebuild and make the most of the situation, often using the upheaval to your advantage in work, business or finances.

Saturn opposite Pholus in the birth chart

Your work, self-discipline and connection to the past often leaves you in a bind when dramatic changes are unleashed.

When turning points and major milestones beyond your control require you to adjust your routines and change your definition of security, your first reaction may be to hold on to the past.

You may be reluctant to change your expectations during a crisis, expecting tradition and dogmatic doctrine to be timeless. When unprecedented crises and challenges force you to face the shortcomings of your past routines, you may feel like the floor is bottoming out beneath you.

It may take some effort for you to finally recognize that your self-discipline and sense of responsibility alone can’t always lead you through crises beyond your control.

By acknowledging your limitations, you may be better suited to help others find security in the midst of challenges and major turning points.

Saturn quincunx Pholus in the birth chart

You may need to work hard to overcome concrete thinking and limitations during times of crisis.

Your automatic assumptions that things will return to the way they were or that you will find security and comfort easily are rattled by crises and challenges that are beyond your control. Rather than clinging to the past, you need to work through such assumptions and find ways to carry out your greater responsibilities during a crisis.

When you release the assumptions that keep you stuck, waiting for everything to return to “normal,” you’ll be better able to respond to the crisis in the moment and create a secure foundation for others.

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