Ceres and Pholus aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you find security and nurturing during times of crisis and change?

    By 12andus

    Ceres-Pholus-Conj.jpg Ceres conjunct Pholus in the birth chart

    Your nurturing abilities and concerns with security are intertwined with major life turning points.

    Your practical needs become a priority in the midst of crises and you may unleash your compassionate, caring and nurturing side when faced with dramatic life changing events.

    When you are faced with circumstances beyond your control you may resort to focusing on finances, food, making others comfortable and making yourself feel more stable and secure. Your attempts to make others feel nurtured may also lead you to make choices that unleash dramatic crises and dramatic events as well.

    Your style of protecting others during a crisis may be to become practical, caring and nurturing to others.

    You may go out of your way to provide food, resources and accommodations to make sure that others have a solid foundation during crises as well.

    Ceres sextile Pholus in the birth chart

    You may easily find the nurturing you need even in spite of dramatic crises and turning points.

    Major life milestones can be a catalyst for you to pay closer attention to your own need for security and your need to nurture yourself and others. Even in the midst of chaos and crises, you are easily able to find ways to get your needs met and help others to feel secure.

    You may focus on providing material comforts and security needs for others as a way to show love, compassion and protective instincts during a crisis or major cataclysmic event.

    Helping others find food, housing, medical care and comfort is your specialty during these dramatic events.

    Ceres square Pholus in the birth chart

    You may find it difficult to face your obligation to others during crises or turning points.

    On some level you may feel it is important to provide for the comfort and security of those around you, but you also may resist facing the full scale of a crisis at first because it challenges your own personal sense of comfort and security.

    When you adjust your expectations or perspective, you’ll be better able nurture yourself and find security in the midst of crises.

    With some adjustments to your expectations, you can find the motivation to act out of compassion and help others find the stability and comfort they need as well.

    Ceres trine Pholus in the birth chart

    Though turning points and major crises can shake you up, you can also find the best of your nurturing power because of these events.

    Cataclysmic life changes and challenges can help you to refine your sense of security and show your compassion and love to others. You may find greater personal security and draw on your ability to nurture and care for others because such turning points remind you of these gifts that you have.

    You can serve others through your protective energy and through your focus on creating comfort, stability and security during cataclysmic changes and disruptive crises without losing track of your own personal need for security as well.

    Ceres opposite Pholus in the birth chart

    You may feel torn between your obligation to nurture others during a crisis and your desire to feel comfortable and secure yourself.

    You may want to focus on your own immediate comfort needs, for example hoarding money, food and other resources or avoiding the reality of a crisis because it makes you feel uncomfortable. Yet when you’re ready to be honest about the impact of the crisis you face and your obligation to protect others and not just attend to your own needs, you will be able to better serve others.

    You’ll also be better able to protect yourself because you won’t allow your desire for security to get in the way of your need to respond to changing circumstances with dramatic consequences.

    Ceres quincunx Pholus in the birth chart

    You may find it difficult to express your nurturing qualities at times when they are needed most.

    You may have great gifts for showing your compassion and understanding. Yet during times of crisis and major life turning points, you may shut down and become insecure rather than sharing your gifts with others.

    When you take the time to work through your deeper fears, you’ll find that you can comfortably create a foundation that allows you to show your deeper nurturing and loving side to others.

    You may have to work through your own fears of lack first but when you do you can become a generous leader and guide to others during crises and periods of instability.

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