Pholus and Ascendant aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you wield powerful, chaotic energy?

By 12andus

Pholus-AC-Conj.jpg Pholus conjunct Ascendant in the birth chart

You may naturally feel comfortable unleashing controversial topics as part of your identity.

You don’t mind making others feel uncomfortable, especially if you believe you are saying what must be said. You may think that you need to be a dramatic catalyst for change and so aren’t afraid to shake things up.

You also may not realize the impact your actions and words have in the long run. You may casually make comments or decisions that have long term ramifications that you are hardly consciously aware of in the moment.

When the dust settles, you’ll look at how the cataclysmic changes you set into motion have benefitted you or others and will laugh it off as if you meant to do that.

Yet you don’t always realize how much damage is done when you slip on the proverbial banana peel and take down the whole table setting with you.

Pholus sextile Ascendant in the birth chart

You may find it easy to drawn on your personal ambition and love of self expression to embrace dramatic life changing events.

When faced with a catastrophe or crisis, you may come to identify personally with the challenge involved. You’ll take the role of protector, leader or even instigator in order to harness the dramatic energy of unpredictable change in order to advance your own agenda.

Though crises and turning points may change your personality, focus and even your appearance, you will feel like the path you are set on aligns with who you were meant to be anyway.

Pholus square Ascendant in the birth chart

You may find it challenging to cope with major life changes and turning points.

When you have no other option, you may feel as if adapting to changing circumstances or crises requires you to change everything about your identity, right down to your appearance. At first you may resist these changes.

You may try to hold on to control and pretend everything is as it should be. Yet when the changes become too prevalent to ignore, you’ll throw yourself in head first, embodying the chaos and turmoil in some way.

Finally, you’ll come to adapt your expectations and make necessary changes to your ambition so that you can succeed on your path while also recognizing the crisis and turning point you are facing.

Pholus trine Ascendant in the birth chart

You may find it easy to draw on the chaotic energy of change and crisis in order to live up to your true ambitions.

You can easily embody the dramatic change and chaos that is going on around you. Yet you are also able to harness this energy in productive ways. You rise to the occasion during times of crisis rather than backing down and hiding from your calling.

You may find personal transformation and empowerment in the midst of chaos and widespread disruption. You can easily link your personal advancement and ambitions to a changing course of actions beyond your control.

Pholus opposite Ascendant in the birth chart

You may resist accepting responsibility for some great change you must initiate.

You’ll procrastinate for as long as possible until the day comes when you “accidentally” slip up and say or do something with dramatic and long reaching consequences. Once you’ve unleashed this dramatic change, there’s no turning back.

You couldn’t have planned it, and you certainly can’t put the genie back in the bottle. The most you can do is try to become comfortable recognizing the major life turning points when you are facing them. Instead of standing at the crossroads refusing to accept some aspect of your destiny, try to balance your need for control and your need to be flexible.

You may avoid facing a major life challenge because it threatens your ambition. Yet you may come to find that this turning point was exactly the catalyst you needed to bring your ambition to reality in the first place.

Pholus quincunx Ascendant in the birth chart

You can find it challenging to adapt personally in the midst of a crisis.

You may have to modify your expectations and do some deeper soul searching in norder to adjust to tumultuous changes.

When you take the time to dig deeper and work through your subconscious needs and fears, you’ll be better able to rise to the occasion and harness the chaotic power of change and crisis to your own advantage.

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