Mars and Pholus aspects in the Synastry Chart: How do you show your passion and courage in times of crisis?

By 12andus

Mars-Pholus-Conj.jpg Mars and Pholus conjunct in the synastry chart

You are both easily able to express your passion and devotion even during times of crisis.

In fact, you can easily see catalysts and crises as a major turning point that awakens both of your full potential and courageous sides. Mars person helps Pholus person find their focus during a catastrophic time of change.

Pholus person helps Mars person unleash their passions and find the courage to navigate through unprecedented territory.

Both Pholus person and Mars person can help each other find clarity, focus and energy to deal with major turning points and challenging events.

Mars trine, sextile or semi-sextile Pholus in the synastry chart

You can both easily help each other find passion and courage during times of crisis.

You can both help each other find leverage your passions and energy to make the most of difficult situations. Mars person may act as a guide or leader, helping Pholus person to find greater courage and determination during times of crisis.

Pholus person can act as a catalyst for change, shaking things up in Mars person's life just when they need it. Pholus person and Mars person can bring out the best of each other’s ambitions and strengths during major turning points when each needs direction and encouragement.

Mars person helps Pholus person find focus and clarity whereas Pholus person can help Mars person initiate dramatic changes when they need to make major life transitions.

You can both experience dramatic turning points as intense, explosive and sudden.

Mars opposite, square or semi-square Pholus in the synastry chart

You don’t easily navigate turning points together.

Though you can both be energetic and courageous, Mars person likes to face things head on and can sometimes make a crisis worse by acting impulsively. Pholus person may feel intimidated by Mars person's tendency to play with fire.

Pholus person may find it difficult to help Mars person slow down and deal with crises or dramatic turning points effectively. Mars person may see Pholus person as careless because they will frequently make impulsive decisions that have broad ramifications.

It may take some effort but if you can both find ways to ground yourselves you can avoid adding fuel to an already blazing fire and making challenging situations worse.

Mars person will need to channel their passion productively and Pholus person will have to be careful to not unintentionally ignite Mars person's temper or fan their flames of impulsivity and recklessness.

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