Neptune and Pholus aspects in the Synastry Chart: How do you find mystical connection during times of crisis and change?

Neptune-Pholus-Conj.jpg Neptune and Pholus conjunct in the synastry chart

You both easily blend the energy of mystical connection and the potential to overcome dramatic changes together.

You both can bring out deep spiritual and psychic connection in each other. Your bond is enhanced by catastrophic events that can refine you both and bring out your potential for healing and mystical advancement.

Neptune person helps Pholus person find spiritual connection and reminds Pholus person of their connection to the mystical realms. Pholus person brings dramatic catalysts into the picture and can shake things up on Neptune person but both find these breakthroughs to be roads to advancement.

Neptune trine, sextile or semi-sextile Pholus in the synastry chart

You can both easily find the spiritual meaning in the most dramatic of crises and life circumstances.

Cataclysmic events can unleash dramatic spiritual growth and compassion for both Neptune person and Pholus person. Pholus person can be an initiator of change for Neptune person. Neptune person can bring mystical, spiritual and empathic energy to the relationship.

If Neptune person is getting too caught up in illusions, Pholus person will break through the fantasies and help Neptune person become refocused again.

During times of crisis, Pholus person can help Neptune person rise to a higher calling and Neptune person can help Pholus person make meaning of dramatic pivotal milestones.

Neptune opposite, square or semi-square Pholus in the synastry chart

You may both find it challenging to deal with dramatic changes and turning points.

Neptune person may seem to be too idealistic for Pholus person, who insists on seeing the dire circumstances that must be dealt with. Neptune person wants to have no part of this and instead wants to live in their own fantasy world.

Neptune person needs to learn to stay grounded and Pholus person needs to understand how to approach Neptune person without overwhelming and intimidating them.

If both are able to meet each other halfway, Neptune person will help Pholus person express greater compassion and remain optimistic during dramatic changes and Pholus person will help Neptune person prepare in times of crisis.

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