Transiting Mercury on natal Pholus


Mercury-Pholus-Conj.jpg ransiting Mercury conjunct natal Pholus

During this time your perspective and communication can be unleashed in a more powerful way.

A cataclysmic event or crisis may lead you to openly and passionately express your ideas. You may become more fervent in your beliefs and your mindset may be galvanized as a result of facing a crisis.

You may try to use your skills as a messenger now as well, trying to alert others to a significant danger or dramatic event that is an important turning point. When you do so, you’ll have the chance to try to mitigate some of the damage from this crisis.

Yet you’ll have to work to adapt your perspective so that you are addressing unprecedented changes that shake your foundation.

You may have to think about the world in a very different way now and to shift your focus so that it aligns with your new vision.

Transiting Mercury sextile natal Pholus

You may find it easier than usual to express your ideas and modify your attitude during times of dramatic change now.

A coming turning point or crisis can help you gain the clarity you needed. Rather than feeling intimidated or shaken up by this calamity, you’ll likely be able to narrow down your focus and find the best possible way to express your plans.

Your words, spoken or written or both, can help others navigate this crisis. You may come to warn others of the ramifications of a pending crisis that only seems to be a minor inconvenience at first. Yet your insight and message will be helpful to some who will be open to preparing themselves in the course of the crisis.

Transiting Mercury square natal Pholus

You may find it challenging to express your ideas now.

Your attitude and communication style are shaped by dramatic changes and unexpected crises that can lead to confusion during this time.

You may not adapt your thinking and plans quickly enough to heed a warning and avoid greater chaos because of a major life turning point now. With some effort, you can try to get ahead of the damage already underway.

You may be able to use your intellectual skills and communication to come to a new understanding and help to prepare others but it will take some flexibility and effort to do so.

Transiting Mercury trine natal Pholus

During this time, your intelligence and adaptability is enhanced by an unforeseen crisis.

While others may be shaken and confused, your adaptability and intelligence will make give you an ideal standing to lead others through your words or writing. You can help to share a message of hope and inspiration that others will very much need during this time of cataclysmic changes.

The crises underway can help you find your place as a leader or healer though you may end up feeling like a spokesperson who was not prepared at first.

In spite of being taken by surprise, you can help others make sense of the chaotic changes that surround you now.

Transiting Mercury opposite natal Pholus

Your ideas and plans may be blown apart by dramatic circumstances beyond your control now.

You may have to overcome ideas and plans that fit your logical ideals because changing circumstances and dramatic crises have made the logical and rational unfeasible now. Though you are intelligent and adaptable, you may still feel unprepared for the challenges of a crisis or turning point that is underway now.

You can come to embrace your role in leading others through this cataclysmic event but must first find a new perspective and adjust your own mindset to adapt to the chaotic changes under way now.

You can find the right balance between your intellectual strengths and leanings toward logic now and your need to adapt to a dramatically changing landscape, which may shake your assumptions and beliefs to the core now.

Transiting Mercury quincunx natal Pholus

Your best intellectual skills may not be enough to help you make sense of a dramatic turning point you currently face.

Relying on the logic and rationality that helped you analyze past situations and find the best solution may leave you feeling like you’re coming up short now. Try to take this time to be flexible and consider ideas that hadn’t occurred to you before.

A crisis or turning point can help shape your mindset and attitudes in a new way, but first you will have to be open to other possibilities.

You can have a difficult time facing your true calling in the midst of this cataclysmic event, but if you take the time to gain clarity about your thoughts and beliefs, your role and mission as a messenger will become clear.

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