Transiting Saturn on natal Pholus

    By 12andus

    Saturn-Pholus-Conj.jpg Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Pholus

    During this time you may have to face restrictions tied in to dramatic challenges and turning points on your path.

    You may learn important lessons about self-control and self-discipline because of disruptive crises that shake up your routines. Though it can be chaotic, some aspects of your routines likely needed to be shaken down now.

    You can find it easy to draw on your wisdom and hard working nature so that you can overcome dramatic changes and challenges. You may need to face adversity now but will come away feeling refined, strengthened and motivated by such hardship.

    Important turning points can help to unleash your productivity. Your sense of responsibility and attention to detail will also help you navigate through this chaotic, disrupted and changing time now.

    Transiting Saturn sextile natal Pholus

    You may find it easy to remain disciplined, efficient and productive even in the face of dramatic changes and crises.

    Cataclysmic events may challenge your sense of security and foundation, but you won’t feel shaken down by these changes. Instead you may find greater strength to persevere. You may find it easy to channel your patience and fortitude and create a stable path for others in the midst of a crisis now.

    By following your instincts and paying attention to your work, your ambition and strength will help you lay a new foundation so that you can help others navigate through a crisis now.

    Transiting Saturn square natal Pholus

    You may feel frustrated because crises or cataclysmic events threaten your sense of stability now.

    Your security is linked to tradition and the past, and it may be difficult for you to adapt to changes beyond your control. Though you have the patience and fortitude to work through any challenge, if you aren’t cognizant of changing circumstances created by cataclysmic events, you may spin your wheels for no reason.

    You can avoid further frustrating yourself and wasting your energy with tedious tasks that don’t accomplish your goals if you adjust the goal posts. Take the time to adjust your expectations so that you can succeed in spite of dramatic changes and crises that are erupting all around you now.

    Transiting Saturn trine natal Pholus

    You may easily find ways to expand into new territory in business and career now as a result of dramatic changes to your path.

    A life altering cataclysmic change or crisis may set you on a different path now. You may have overcome obstacles but will not feel like you’re pushing through. Your self-discipline and strong sense of responsibility will help you thrive in the midst of crises.

    You can easily use your skills to become more productive and create a new foundation as a result of dramatic shifts that challenge your foundation as well now.

    Transiting Saturn opposite natal Pholus

    You may find it challenging to overcome your limitations and find your true work and mission now.

    A crisis or dramatically changing circumstances that shake down your foundation can undermine your sense of stability. You may have to work through your limitations or conflicts that go against your sense of security now.

    Breaking with tradition will be the key to a larger turning point that will help you become more successful and achieve your goals. A dramatic crisis or change can challenge what you expect but can also liberate you to create new foundation for the future.

    You may seem frustrated by the way crises beyond your control appear to undermine your success now but you can overcome this challenge and come to understand how to balance your strengths and mission in spite of cataclysmic changes.

    Transiting Saturn quincunx natal Pholus

    You may find it challenging to work through limitations and remain productive in the midst of a crisis or turning point now.

    Changes around you may be beyond your control. You have the potential to become focused, disciplined and to take responsibility for protecting others and creating security in the midst of a dramatic crisis now.

    Yet until you deal with your own inner insecurities, you will have to struggle to overcome your fears and take responsibility for your growth and foundation during this time.

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