Transiting Lilith on natal Pholus

By 12andus

Lilith-Pholus-Conj.jpg Transiting Lilith conjunct natal Pholus

During this time you may find it easy to channel your rebellious nature and independence in order to ride out dramatic changes beyond your control.

You may find it easy to express your raw emotion and powerful energy. You can find your own path and intuitively discern your own course of action, even if you have to rebel against the status quo now.

Dramatic crises and cataclysmic events beyond your control can now unleash your passion, rage, sensuality and rebellious instincts. A crisis may unleash your independent strengths and determined nature.

Your sexuality or individualistic nature may also be enhanced or unleashed because of a dramatic change or turning point now as well.

This is the ideal time to break through obstacles and limitations and remain true to your wild inner nature.

Transiting Lilith sextile natal Pholus

During this time you may find it easy to express your deep, inner urges and creative instincts.

A crisis or major life turning point may further embolden you and you can easily live up to your true potential by channeling your raw emotion and deep inner rage now. Rather than working against you, your rebellious instincts can perfectly serve you during this time.

Your energy and motivation are driven by your deeper desire for freedom now and pivotal changes can unleash the right opportunity for you to make your voice heard and follow your path.

Transiting Lilith square natal Pholus

During this time you may find it more challenging than usual to embrace your sexuality, your rage or your rebellious inner nature.

You may have to work through deeply suppressed rage in order to follow your individual path and strike out on your own. A crisis or unexpected turning point can help you express your raw inner nature, but first you’ll need to adjust your perspective in some major way.

This can be an ideal time to unleash your deeper rage, creativity and sexuality but you may need to put some effort into expressing yourself without limitations.

Transiting Lilith trine natal Pholus

During this time you can easily adapt your independent, powerful, passionate nature in order to blow the lid off of limitations and follow your higher calling.

Your raw inner nature and suppressed emotions can be unleashed as a result of major life crises and turning points as well now. During this time you may be easily able to show the world exactly who you are without apology or embarrassment. This is an ideal time to follow your sexual, creative and emotional instincts.

Even in the midst of a crisis or major life turning point, your inner instincts and wild, untamed nature will serve you well now.

Transiting Lilith opposite natal Pholus

During this time, your creative, raw passions and inner instincts can seem to undermine your stability.

Though crises and changing circumstances challenge your sense of control, you can work to find the balance between your raw inner passions and the path onto which you are being called.

A crisis or turning point can compel you to finally embrace some aspects of your sexuality or raw inner passions that you had previously suppressed.

You can learn to balance the passions within yourself so that you can more easily find your footing and create a distinct path, navigating this crisis while maintaining control of yourself and your destiny.

Transiting Lilith quincunx natal Pholus

During this time your raw inner nature can be enhanced by dramatic crises and cataclysmic events beyond your control.

You may find it difficult to trust your instincts or express your creativity or sexuality, though. You may want to be true to your raw power and individualistic nature, but a crisis or turning point overwhelms or intimidates you.

By doing some deeper inner work to release your insecurities and fears, you can come to embrace your creativity and sexuality rather than feeling the need to suppress your inner self or deeper rage. When you embrace the Shadow side of yourself and your true nature, you’ll find great strength to help you navigate a crisis.

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