Transiting Ceres on natal Pholus

By 12andus

Ceres-Pholus-Conj.jpg Transiting Ceres conjunct natal Pholus

During this time you may find it easy to nurture yourself and find fulfillment and satisfaction even in the midst of a crisis.

Dramatic changes and cataclysmic events can finally unleash the opportunities you’ve been waiting for. Rather than being shaken to the core as many others are, you may, in contrast, find exactly the nurturing and security you’ve been waiting for.

A major turning point may be just what you needed in order to tend to your needs for self care. You may also emerge as a nurturer and healer for others in the midst of crises and chaos now.

Your gift for intuiting what others needs can help you serve those around you in a practical and loving way now.

Transiting Ceres sextile natal Pholus

During this time your nurturing instincts can easily fuel your response during a crisis or cataclysmic event.

Your nurturing abilities and intuitive instincts can be unleashed because of dramatic changes out of your control. As tumultuous as this time can be, you’ll easily find ways to channel your caring, compassionate energy and create security and fulfillment for yourself and others now.

This is an ideal time to bring out the best of your loving and nurturing traits in the service of those around you.

Transiting Ceres square natal Pholus

During this time you can find it challenging to find security or comfort because of chaotic situations.

A crisis or events outside of your control can shake your foundation now. At first, you may seek comfort in the institutions that once made you feel secure. But this will not be satisfactory now.

If you are able to change your perspective and put more effort into showing your love and nurturing for others, you’ll be able to find a practical role amidst the crisis or turning point.

You will be better able to channel your healing and nurturing gifts to make others feel at home even amidst major cataclysmic events unfolding all around you.

Transiting Ceres trine natal Pholus

During this time it is easy for you to extend your natural talents for compassion and nurturing.

Even in the midst of a crisis or dramatic turning points, you can find satisfaction and fulfillment now. You’ll also easily be able to comfort those around you and help them find their way to greater security and stability.

Even dramatic and tumultuous events can’t get in the way of you unleashing your instincts of compassion and nurturing for others now.

You may find comfort in a dramatic change or have a more settled and secure attitude as you embrace a major change on the horizon now.

Transiting Ceres opposite natal Pholus

During this time you may find it challenging to find your footing because of major upheavals and crises on your path.

Your desire for nurturing and compassion and your need to feel comfortable is at odds with major crises and turning points that challenge you. The ultimate goal is to draw on your nurturing and compassionate side in order to create the comfort and security you need to navigate a dramatic turning point.

Once you accept the need to create your own comfort and security, you will be better able to thrive in the midst of a crisis and use the changes occurring in your life to open new doors and invite new opportunities.

You may need to confront your own illusions and fears about security and stability in order to succeed now.

Transiting Ceres quincunx natal Pholus

During this time, you can find it challenging to face your inner fears and accept a change in security or stability.

You can find it overwhelming to face a crisis or turning point that challenges your sense of comfort now. Yet if you take the time to deal with your own inner longings for security and control, you will be able to recognize the illusions of control compared to actually being self-possessed and confident.

When you do this, you’ll be well on your way to creating a solid foundation even during times of great change and uncertainty.

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