Transiting Pholus on natal Moon

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    Moon-Pholus-Conj.jpg Transiting Pholus conjunct natal Moon

    During this time you may find it easy to unleash your intuition, sensitivity and emotional connection to others.

    A crisis or dramatic turning point can unleash your nurturing abilities and make you more inclined to empathize with others and try to protect or comfort those around you. You may feel instinctively that a major turning point is on the horizon, yet you may not be able to diminish the impact of the crisis.

    Instead, your intuition and emotions will lead you to unleash pent up feelings and respond to this crisis. You may have to purge some emotional issues and face major changes to home or family that can have a deeply emotional effect on you.

    You may have to dramatically change your home, family relationships or release some aspects of your home base or security in order to thrive now.

    Transiting Pholus sextile natal Moon

    During this time you may find it easy to unleash your nurturing potential.

    Your intuition is heightened now as it prepares you to deal with a turning point or crisis. A seemingly small step related to home, family or business may blow the lid off of matters in your personal life, leading to dramatic ramifications.

    So if you make a change to housing now, you may be going into a deeper transformation than you expected. A seemingly minor change to family relationships may unleash more dramatic emotional changes than you expected.

    Yet in the long run, this is a great time to experience emotional healing and catharsis rather than avoiding this major turning point now.

    Transiting Pholus square natal Moon

    During this time you may find it challenging to embrace your intuition and find security.

    What you consider safe and secure, stable and serene, such as home and family, can be disrupted in major ways now by chaotic and unexpected crises. You can find it difficult to trust your intuition.

    Even if you sense changes on the horizon now, you may be inclined to fight against your instincts or to even misdirect your nurturing energy or under-react to a crisis on the horizon.

    When you adjust your perspective and truly face the depth and scope of a turning point that is underway, you may find the motivation to nurture others and create a new sense of security and stability.

    Transiting Pholus trine natal Moon

    During this time you may find it easier than usual to draw emotional strength form a crisis.

    A dramatic turning point or cataclysmic event may unleash your intuition and nurturing instincts. You may find it easy to express your feelings and act as a nurturer and protector for others.

    You may come to appreciate new bonds with family or those who become like family, or change your connection to home now because of a major turning point or crisis.

    A decision regarding family or home can unleash dramatic changes that you didn’t expect. This can also lead you to become more confident in your role as a caregiver or strengthen your connection to family now.

    Transiting Pholus opposite natal Moon

    During this time you may find it challenging to contend with major turning points and crises that threaten your home or emotional security.

    An unexpected change or seemingly insignificant decision can unleash dramatic consequences that impact your business, home or family.

    You can work through a crisis by redefining your sense of security or making dramatic changes to your home or family relationships, but you’ll need to face a crisis and see it for what it is. Don’t suppress or downplay the seriousness of this dramatic change now.

    You may have to accept a situation that has spiraled out of control so you can more appropriately address it, especially when it comes to business and financial security, home and family relationships now.

    Transiting Pholus quincunx natal Moon

    During this time you can find it challenging to overcome insecurities that block you from trusting your intuition.

    You may sense some dramatic changes on the horizon but also give in to peer pressure to minimize the situation. If you take the time to deal with your emotional fears, doubts and insecurities, you can gain confidence to trust your intuition to lead you now.

    A dramatic change or series of cataclysmic events can lead you to unleashing your nurturing and protective instincts if you embrace the situation for what it is instead of trying to obscure the dramatic changes happening around you now.

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