Transiting Pholus on natal Ceres


    Ceres-Pholus-Conj.jpg Transiting Pholus conjunct natal Ceres

    During this time you may easily unleash your nurturing potential.

    Comforting others is your specialty now and you have just what it takes to soothe others and nurture those around you. Your response to a crisis or major turning point may be to focus on practical matters and expressing your compassion for others.

    You can now easily help others find fulfillment and security. Your ability to remain grounded during an impending crisis makes you a beacon of support for those around you now.

    You may easily unleash your caring instincts now and a crisis or turning point can be just what you needed to find deeper fulfillment and satisfaction now.

    You can find stability now even as it feels that your life is being disrupted in significant ways now, yet your path is easily cleared so you can create a new foundation now.

    Transiting Pholus sextile natal Ceres

    During this time you may easily express your nurturing and compassionate traits.

    You may find it easy to unleash your caring and loving energy and try to act protective of others. You may now come to see others as family and extend your definition of home and family to include a larger community also impacted by a dramatic change or turning point.

    With little effort you can unleash your affection and show support to those in need.

    In spite of a time of dramatically changing circumstances now, you can easily navigate these changes and create a new sense of security.

    Transiting Pholus square natal Ceres

    During this time you can find it challenging to express your nurturing and compassionate side.

    Though you may typically have a strong protective and nurturing instinct, a crisis or dramatic change underway now can make it challenging for you to be receptive to others. You may shy away from deeper emotional connection to others now in order to protect yourself or try to minimize your exposure to fallout from a major crisis.

    This may seem to keep you secure but it is not the best use of your talents. Instead, this is an ideal time to adjust your expectations and shift your focus so that you can unleash your supportive and nurturing side.

    You can, with effort, find a supportive role, nurturing others through a dramatic crisis or turning point during this time.

    Transiting Pholus trine natal Ceres

    During this time you can easily unleash your supportive, nurturing and compassionate energy toward others.

    A crisis or cataclysmic event changes the playing field and while others are stressed or feel their foundation is crumbling, you become more attentive to creating security. You can easily unleash your practical, caring and protective potential now.

    Even if you can’t save everyone from the crisis because the situation escalates beyond your control, you can minimize the fallout and provide a safe place for those you care about to land.

    Your own safe landing is ensured now as well because of your attention to seeking out comfort, fulfillment and security during this upheaval.

    Transiting Pholus opposite natal Ceres

    During this time you may find it challenging to make sense of your role in a crisis or turning point.

    You may feel the need to act in nurturing or protective ways and at the same time, a crisis beyond your control challenges your ability to call the shots and manage the situation.

    While much is out of your hands, you do have the ability to find balance between your nurturing instincts and your need to be open to a dramatically shifting landscape.

    When you find the balance between your desire for comfort and your need to plan for a crisis, you’ll be better able to unleash your nurturing and caretaking abilities.

    You can then help others find their way through the dramatic event and find your own footing.

    Transiting Pholus quincunx natal Ceres

    During this time you may find it challenging to unleash your gifts and strengths as a nurturer.

    A crisis or turning point can compel you to show your compassion for others. You may need to step up to the plate and project your empathic, caring and nurturing side yet you may fear that you are not fit for the task now.

    Take the time to explore your deeper needs for security and ability to find fulfillment without seeking validation from outside events. When you do, you’ll be ready to lead and care for others.

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