How do you express romance and sexual desire according to your Venus and Mars placements?

Mars_Venus.jpg If you want to understand how your romantic and seductive style relates to your sexual energy and desires, you will need to examine how Venus and Mars work together in your natal chart.

This is why we’re offering a new specific reading that explore how romance and sexuality align in your personality by considering your unique Venus and Mars combination along with the aspect they form.

Venus is the planet of romance, beauty, love and also seduction. By understanding your Venus sign, you’ll better understand how your sensual and aesthetic desires play in to courtship, romance and attraction. But this is only part of the story when it comes to understanding your instincts and motivations in relationships.

When it comes to romance, the Mars and Venus signs are like bookends. You can learn a lot about attraction and love from Venus, but you should also examine how Mars then fuels your passions, desires and sexual expression style. Sometimes these planets work well together and accentuate each other’s strengths.

This is the case, for example, if Venus is in Scorpio and Mars is in Aries. Your energy in both romance and sexuality can be passionate, intense, protective and adventurous. Even friction or conflict can be a source of arousal rather than stress. Compare this to Venus being in Libra and Mars in Capricorn. In this case, you may long for affection, romance and attention from your partner, however when it comes to sexuality you may repress your desires and seem inhibited.

When Venus and Mars work together easily, such as when they are in conjunction or trines to each other, your style of romantic expression feeds into your sexual energy. The right partner can easily satisfy romantic and sexual desires and you may have an easier time being transparent about your needs both in romance and in the bedroom.

Yet when Venus and Mars are at conflictual angles such as oppositions or squares, it may take more work and effort for you to be comfortable expressing either your romantic or sexual nature. You may try to suppress one aspect or another of your nature. Yet this is also a good opportunity for growth, particularly in coming to embrace some aspects of your seduction style or sexual nature.

In addition to understanding how you experience love and attraction as well as how you express your sexual desires, we’ve also analyzed the Venus and Mars placements by aspect. This gives added insight into how Venus and Mars relate to each other in your natal chart.

For example, if your Venus in Cancer is in a trine to Mars in Scorpio, you easily draw from the unique attributes of Venus in sensitive and caring Cancer to create the attachment and security you need to dive deeper into exploring your sexual fantasies in the bedroom. You may be emboldened by a comfortable romantic relationship and a wild side emerges in bed that you don’t often show otherwise.

As a new feature, you can access your personalized Venus and Mars readings inside the "Birth Chart's Readings" box. With this information, you can gain deeper insight into your tendencies in romance, seduction, attraction and sexuality. This can further guide you to make the most of your strengths in romance and intimacy.