Eros in Sagittarius, Eros in Capricorn, Eros in Aquarius, Eros in Pisces

eros.jpg Eros in Sagittarius

You may be drawn to fantasize about ideal love.

You may also feel a strong sexual attraction to those from other cultures, to the extent that you may fetishize some aspect of dress, culture or appearance rather than connecting with your partner.

You have a healthy sexual appetite that leads you to want to explore pleasure in every possible way. You may also have a secret desire to either engage in sexual connection in public places or while others are watching, or to be sexually involved with a number of people at once.

You can become obsessed with expansion and adventure and eager to try new things in sexual encounters. You need to have a partner or partners who are as vital and active as you are. You may be more sexually energized if you are active in other ways.

Hiking, camping, playing sports or other rigorous or adventurous activities can stimulate your sexual appetite.

Eros in Capricorn

You may be obsessed with materialism and success.

You may have a sexual desire involving affairs with a boss or colleague or involving sexual encounters in the workplace. You may also be sexually attracted to older partners or partners who are discreet, practical and old fashioned.

You may fetishize an affluent lifestyle and will be turned on by the wealth of your partner. You may be specifically attracted to a sexual partner because of their wealth or perceived power as well.

You are also drawn to status. You fantasize about how a sexual connection or romantic affair can lead to a dramatic change in your own social status. If your partner showers you with luxury and expensive gifts, you will become more sexually aroused.

You may be receptive to a partner who treats you to luxurious weekends away or who is able to provide for your material needs.

Eros in Aquarius

Your desire for sexual intimacy can be triggered by an attraction to unusual partners.

You’re aroused by anyone who breaks the rules. You may also fantasize about sexual encounters in unusual places. Having sex in public, in taboo settings or in places that are outside of the social norms may appeal to you.

You may also have a fetish for rule breaking and challenging tradition. You’ll want to explore the outer limits of your sexuality. You may love surprising sexual encounters and need spontaneity. You’re sensitive to partners who are rebellious and creative.

You may be able to go for long periods of time with little sexual or romantic interest but then suddenly feel the need to explore all of your fantasies and act with great intensity or impulsivity.

Your sexual interests may even come as a surprise to you. You have a dramatic and shocking way of expressing your sexual interests.

Eros in Pisces

You are obsessed with the idea of transcending the physical body.

You may use sex as a vehicle for spiritual transformation as well as deep connection. You may fantasize about or use mind altering substances to enhance your sexual encounters.

You love to lose yourself and transcend boundaries in order to feel complete connection with a partner. You may be drawn to creating a mood with creature comforts and sensual music in order to feel completely entranced in the moment.

Fusing sexuality and metaphysical and occult pursuits is also arousing to you. You may fetishize some aspects of spirituality. You may also become codependent and obsessed with your partner.

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