Mercury and Eros aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you communicate your erotic desires?

By 12andus

Mercury-Eros-Conj.jpg Mercury conjunct Eros in the birth chart

You have a strong sense of fantasy and desire but you tend to keep your desires in your own mind.

You may express your fantasies through written or spoken word but would rather fantasize about your desires than act on them sometimes. You may intellectualize your desires or have powerful sexual fantasies or fetishes that involve communication.

Sexting and pillow talk are highly arousing to you. You may find it easier to talk about erotic and exciting fantasies than to actually act on them.

Your sense of connection and erotic desire may be aroused more by how someone talks or how they think than by their appearance.

You may also be fascinated by sexual encounters that involve taking a detached, observing role or being involved with multiple partners rather than focusing on only one person.

You are likely to fetishize the mind or communication of your partner.

Mercury sextile Eros in the birth chart

You may find it easy to communicate your erotic desires to your partners.

Your interests may be eclectic and varied and you are more aroused by ideas than by actions but you easily talk about and communicate your desires. You may also be easily aroused or infatuated by hearing your partner’s voice or talking seductively.

Erotic books or conversations can also be arousing to you and may be part of your fantasies and obsession when it comes to intimate encounters.

Mercury square Eros in the birth chart

You may have a challenging time expressing your desires.

Your erotic desires are hard for you to convey. You may have difficulty asserting yourself or describing what brings you pleasure. As a result you may become passive or detached from your own sexual desires.

Yet at times, if you take the initiative to express what you desire and work to overcome communication blocks between yourself and your partner, you can come to express your desires and fantasies.

Mercury trine Eros in the birth chart

You may be turned on by a partner who is a great communicator.

The sensuality of hearing your partner’s voice or hearing seductive music can also be part of your sexual fantasies. You may also become more aroused by sharing ideals and ideas with your partner.

Intimacy is easy for you to engage in even from a distance because you rely more heavily on communication to spark your obsession. Even if you’re not in the same room as your partner, your rich fantasy life, communication and ability to visualize your fantasies will help you remain aroused and connected to your partner.

Mercury opposite Eros in the birth chart

Your strong sexual drive and fantasies are hard for you to express.

You may think you need to suppress or hide your desires or fantasies because you don’t know how to put your fantasies into words. You have an instinctive sense of what arouses you and can’t always express your needs or desires to your partner.

If you take the time to explore different forms of communication, even role modeling through your actions, you can better connect with your sexual partner and express your fantasies and desires.

Mercury quincunx Eros in the birth chart

You may try to express your desires and fantasies but then become stuck.

Your communication becomes awkward and you may stifle your desires rather than letting your partner know how to please you. It may take some work, but you can eventually find your voice and develop the confidence to speak up for what turns you on and what you desire.

Your sexual relationships can eventually be enhanced by your ability to describe what you visualize and fantasize about in your mind.

You may focus on fetishes that keep you distant and disconnected from your partner, such as erotic books or movies, but with some greater effort to boost your confidence you can become more comfortable expressing your needs.

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