Venus and Eros aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you blend romantic and erotic love?

    By 12andus

    Venus-Eros-Conj.jpg Venus conjunct Eros in the birth chart

    You can easily blend both erotic and romantic love.

    You may need to feel emotionally and physically attracted to someone before you can open up and share your erotic side. You may be highly susceptible to love, falling in love frequently because on some level you are confusing love and lust.

    You can easily become infatuated with others, especially those you find beautiful. You may become obsessed with a lover and try to use sexuality to make your love interest fall in love with you in return.

    You may not actually take the time to get to know the person you’re in love with, instead becoming infatuated with some aspect of their appearance or status.

    You love to share pleasure and erotic intimacy with your romantic partner and can be quite sensual in bed.

    Venus sextile Eros in the birth chart

    You may easily express your romantic love and also become physically attracted to your partner.

    Romantic love and physical infatuation are interconnected for you. You may fall in love with people who are physically appealing or may confuse sexual chemistry for romantic love.

    Ideally you would like a partner who can combine both. Yet you may easily slip into romantic obsession following sexual connection and chemistry with a partner who does not have the same interest in a romantic connection.

    Your desires and fantasies may involve both emotional connection and exploring sexual fantasies.

    Venus square Eros in the birth chart

    You don’t easily show your erotic, sexual side when you’re in love.

    You may feel like you have to suppress your deeper erotic desires or focus on emotional connection over sexual satisfaction. You may not know how to express your erotic desires to your partner or fear overwhelming your partner.

    As a result, you may try to keep the peace by focusing on your partner’s needs but keeping your own sexual desires secret.

    Yet if you are willing to take more risks and share your erotic desires and fantasies, you can find the perfect balance of romantic love and erotic love.

    Venus trine Eros in the birth chart

    You can easily express both your romantic love and erotic desire for others.

    You need to have emotional connection and love in order to open up and share your intense inner desires. You can become infatuated with your love interest and need to have a healthy, vibrant sex life in order to feel secure.

    You need to create beauty, comfort and harmony in order to share your sexual fantasies and may be drawn to partners who are beautiful or can pamper you and make you feel valued.

    Venus opposite Eros in the birth chart

    You may be confused about the difference between romantic and erotic love.

    When you fall in love with someone, you may feel the need to hide or suppress your erotic nature. You may need to work to become comfortable sharing your fantasies and desires with your romantic partner.

    As a result, the temptation to stray from a relationship can be intensified because you don’t always feel comfortable showing your deeper fantasies with your intimate partner. You may prefer to separate your personal attraction and love from your sexual side.

    You may keep your sexual desires hidden or seek partners to explore your erotic fantasies without romantic expectations.

    If you become willing to blend both your romantic desires and sexual fantasies, you can have more fulfilling relationships.

    Venus quincunx Eros in the birth chart

    You may have to work to raise your confidence and self-image so that you can open up about your sexual fantasies.

    You may have insecurities about your appearance, sexuality or body image and this can put a damper on your ability to express your sexual desires. You may need to overcome issues or fears about your confidence in relationships.

    In doing so, you can come to reclaim your power, beauty and passion. You may be able to discern the difference between sexual chemistry and romantic love but it will take some effort.

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