Uranus and Eros aspects in the Birth Chart: How does dramatic change relate to your erotic nature?

    By 12andus

    Uranus-Eros-Conj.jpg Uranus conjunct Eros in the birth chart

    You can easily express your erotic nature in unconventional and dramatic ways.

    You are open to exploring anything and can become excited by the thought of experimenting and trying something new in bed. You may be rebellious. You may also become aroused by anything exciting, unusual or unconventional.

    You may be infatuated with the idea of shocking others and breaking all the rules. When you are in an intimate encounter, you can break through barriers and your sexual encounters can bring breakthroughs and epiphanies.

    You may feel more creative or intuitive when you are exploring your erotic desires.

    You can find it easy to break with tradition and have an innovative streak when it comes to sexuality and eroticism.

    Uranus sextile Eros in the birth chart

    You may find it easy to express your erotic nature though you have an intense desire to follow your independent needs.

    You have a unique sense of erotic love and can go to extremes to explore the highs and lows of your sexual desires. Your fantasies often involve the unusual or unconventional and you may frequently need a change of scenery.

    You can find it easy to break boundaries and break with convention when it comes to your sexual desires. You can be creative, innovative and intuitive and become spiritually inspired by your erotic fantasies and intimate encounters.

    Uranus square Eros in the birth chart

    You may have to challenge yourself to get in touch with your erotic nature.

    Yet when you overcome the limitations and confines of social expectations and norms, you may find that you have more intense desires than you realized. With some effort, you can draw on your creativity and visionary tendencies to break down barriers and explore your sexuality.

    You can come to embrace your erotic nature and become more comfortable with unusual fetishes and creative ways to express your intimate desires.

    Uranus trine Eros in the birth chart

    You may find it easy to express your erotic nature in shocking and dramatic ways.

    You can break with tradition and have an intensely unconventional side. This easily emerges when it comes to your erotic tendencies. Your fantasies and desires can be highly unusual and individualist and can vary on a day to day basis.

    You are turned on by the idea of change and may rebel against convention as you pursue pleasure. You may have a strong desire to test your own limits and aren’t afraid to be resourceful and spontaneous in bed.

    You can become infatuated with anything that inspires you.

    Uranus opposite Eros in the birth chart

    You may find it challenging to express your erotic nature.

    You may constantly change your desires and find it difficult to express your needs when it comes to intimate encounters. You can be erratic and unconventional and always leave your partners guessing. On some level you know your desires are taboo and so you may try to stifle your fantasies.

    Yet this never works. Ultimately, you are likely to end up going from extremes to hide your desires and then letting your intense passions get the better of you. You may feel like you’re on a roller coaster when you try to suppress and then are overtaken by your infatuations and obsessions.

    You may have to work through a tendency to go to extremes or push boundaries in intimate relationships.

    By finding healthy ways to express your desires, you can enhance your sexual pleasure by pushing your limits but may have a difficult time striking a balance when it comes to erotic relationships.

    Uranus quincunx Eros in the birth chart

    You may find it difficult to embrace your intense and erratic nature when it comes to sexuality.

    You can be creative and spontaneous and may have to work through deep insecurities so you can come to embrace your creative and unusual sexual fantasies. You may desire unusual experiences but will have to work through hang ups related to your unconventional interests.

    Once you’ve come to embrace your fetishes and desires, you can gain greater confidence and will have no problem exploring your desires and fantasies.

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