Pluto and Eros aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you blend power and eroticism?

By 12andus

Pluto-Eros-Conj.jpg Pluto conjunct Eros in the birth chart

You are attracted to power, status and wealth in all forms and this can drive your erotic fantasies.

When you’re in an intimate relationship, you can be highly passionate and magnetically attractive to your partner. Yet you may also have a tendency to dominate or overpower your partner.

You are turned on by power games and may find greater depth of pleasure when you explore different power dynamics in intimate relationships. You seek transformation and deeper truth through the connection you find in intimacy as well.

You can be hedonistic and materialistic when it comes to intimacy as well. You may be turned on by those in positions of status and authority. You can also easily blend power, intensity, and a strong sense of intuition with your sexual fantasies.

Pluto sextile Eros in the birth chart

You may easily express your deeper desires.

You can have some intense and even dark fantasies when it comes to intimacy and sexuality, and although you love to push the boundaries, you easily find transformation and awakening through your erotic encounters.

Your attraction and infatuation toward people who are edgy, dramatic and exciting can help you explore your deeper fantasies. You have a flair for the dramatic and may be drawn to intense settings for a dramatic, intimate scene.

Pluto square Eros in the birth chart

You may find it challenging to express your erotic nature.

Your desire to be in control and maintain your sense of power can sometimes block you from fully letting go and expressing your erotic nature. With some adjustments to your beliefs about sex and power, however, you can find a perfect balance and come to draw on your intense energy and desire for control to explore your erotic nature.

You may have to work through power and control issues to really open up in intimate relationships, but when you do, your intimate encounters will be less addictive and obsessive and more about true deep emotional connection, transformation and empowerment.

Pluto trine Eros in the birth chart

You can easily express your intense power and autonomy even in intimate relationships.

Your erotic nature can compel you to become almost obsessed with the connection you feel to your sexual partner. Your focus, intensity and charismatic energy are a big part of your attraction power.

Your ideals and fantasies may have to do with being in control or being in charge, but you can channel your sometimes dominating energy into passion and excitement that benefits both you and your partner.

Pluto opposite Eros in the birth chart

You may struggle to deal with power and control and this hinders your erotic expression.

Your fantasies may push the boundaries and involve control, power and domination. You may feel the need to suppress some aspects of your deeper erotic desires because you fear losing control. You may be intimidated by the intensity of your fantasies and desires as well.

You may have to work to embrace your deep, intense and dramatic desires, yet when you accept your confidence, you can become a mesmerizing and intense partner. You are attracted to people who are mesmerizing, charismatic and seem to hold status, power or wealth.

Yet these superficial points of attraction can also lead you into erotic relationships that are dynamic, toxic or filled with control issues. You can find ways to explore your love of erotic power without losing yourself in relationships that actually reduce your autonomy.

Pluto quincunx Eros in the birth chart

You may feel awkward about pursuing your intimate desires.

Upbringing or social standards can lead you to fear or not trust your deep and powerful erotic fantasies and desires. You may try to ignore your sexual nature or downplay the level of intensity you feel.

However when you take the time to work through the subconscious messages you’ve come to believe about power and sexuality, you may feel like you’re completely rewriting the rulebook. You may be transformed as you embrace your power and authority to indulge in your erotic fantasies.

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