Chiron and Eros aspects in the Birth Chart: How does your unique intuition and past traumas influence your erotic desires?

By 12andus

Chiron-Eros-Conj.jpg Chiron conjunct Eros in the birth chart

You have a deep and intense sense of erotic energy, yet you may fear being burned by the intensity of your own passions.

Your past experiences and traumas give you a healthy respect for the power of your erotic nature. You are fully aware of how infatuated you can become when your instincts are triggered.

You are closely connected to the wounds of your past and can easily recall the lessons about what can happen when you let yourself go and lose yourself in the moment. You have powerful erotic energy and your past traumas and wounds can have a dramatic influence on how you express your erotic nature.

You may get lost repeating past patterns if you don’t acknowledge the wounds you carry but at the same time, being attuned to these past wounds can also help you blend the best of both worlds, using your intuition and wisdom from being burned so you can express your erotic side while not repeating past mistakes.

Chiron sextile Eros in the birth chart

You may find it easy to express your desires and fantasies because wisdom and intuitive understanding fuels your creativity.

You can be open and expressive about your sexual desires and even your past sexual wounds. You may find empowerment and confidence as you channel your sexual desires. You can easily draw on your past experiences and wounds as you express your sexual energy and desires.

Others are drawn to you because you are unique and have an unusual perspective on things, your sexual desires and fantasies reflect your unique nature as well.

Chiron square Eros in the birth chart

You may have a strong sense of sexual power and feel strong connections to others.

Yet your sexual desires and chemistry can be thwarted because of your past wounds and traumas.

You can find it difficult to express your sexual fantasies and energy. You may have to work through past wounds or traumas so that you can feel confident in who you are and appreciate your unique sexual instincts.

You may become infatuated with people who remind you of past traumas or toxic relationships but if you work through past traumas you can separate true erotic energy from following patterns of abuse, abandonment or alienation.

Chiron trine Eros in the birth chart

You may find it easy to express your erotic energy and indulge in your sexual fantasies.

You may have a strong, intuitive connection to your potential sexual partner and finding sexual satisfaction can help you overcome past wounds or traumas related to abandonment or abuse. You may have to work to appreciate your sexual nature, but once you do, sexuality can help you to heal past wounds.

You can find ways to express your unique desires and fantasies because you have a heightened sensitivity to your sexual identity as you’ve had to work to overcome challenges.

Chiron opposite Eros in the birth chart

You may feel torn between your desire to let yourself completely give in to your erotic energy and caution because of past traumas.

You may want to let go and enjoy your deeper erotic desires but past wounds or heightened sensitivity to the pains of past experiences can make it difficult for you to really indulge in your sexual fantasies and desires.

You may have to work to balance your deeper desires and sexual nature with your erotic nature and sexual fantasies. You may have to face and overcome the traumas and pains you’ve gone through in the past, though you can also find ways to heal from and work through your deeper wounds by exploring your darker fantasies and sexual desires.

Chiron quincunx Eros in the birth chart

You may feel like your erotic desires won’t be met because of past traumas and wounds.

It will take some work for you to sift through your past traumas and come to appreciate your true sexual nature.

You can gain greater confidence in your identity and come to accept and appreciate your sexual desires and fetishes rather than following old patterns of sexual fetishes or fantasies that are oppressive, damaging or connected to past traumas.

You may have to work to feel secure in your sexuality, but when you do you’ll be better able to indulge in exploring your sexuality without fear or shame.

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