Pholus and Eros aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you experience turning points that influence your sexuality?

By 12andus

Pholus-Eros-Conj.jpg Pholus conjunct Eros in the birth chart

Your erotic nature and sexuality can be unleashed unexpectedly by seemingly benign events.

Small steps or decisions can lead to a domino effect that helps to blow the lid off of greater acceptance of and exploration of your erotic desires and fantasies. Dramatic turning points and unexpected surprises can lead you to delve deeper into exploring some of your sexual fantasies.

You may be unaware of some of the more powerful aspects of your sexual infatuation or compulsion until an unexpected turning point awakens your arousal. When this happens, you are likely to become obsessively drawn to exploring your passions and desires.

You may be aroused by surprising circumstances or erratic encounters that bring out your impulsive side. You can find chaos and unpredictability to be exciting and arousing.

Pholus sextile Eros in the birth chart

You may find it easy to embrace your erotic nature once you give in to changing circumstances.

A dramatic turning point can lead you to embrace your erotic and sensual nature. You can find a surprising and unexpected path to expressing your love and desires and this can lead you to enhance your sexual repertoire.

You may also be infatuated with people who are chaotic, unreliable and intense but who also have an intoxicating influence on you. Your intimate partners may be influential during times of dramatic change in your life as well.

Pholus square Eros in the birth chart

You may find it challenging to express your erotic desires because of dramatic turning points that interfere.

You may experience a major disruption that offsets your intimate connection with a partner or even challenges every aspect of your sexual identity. You may try to express your sexuality but find it difficult to do so because of a crisis or chaotic situation beyond your control.

When you work to shift your perspective, you can find greater consistency among your erotic desires and outlets for your sexual desires regardless of changes happening around you.

Pholus trine Eros in the birth chart

You may have an easier time unleashing your erotic nature during times of crisis and dramatic change.

Your erotic nature is enhanced by the erratic and unpredictable changes set into motion during crises beyond your control. You may be aroused by intimate partners who are unstable, intoxicating, and unpredictable.

You may be turned on by situations in which your passions are provoked by small and seemingly innocent choices yet you can also unleash your deeper fantasies in the midst of dramatic turning points.

Pholus opposite Eros in the birth chart

You may feel you have to keep control of your erotic encounters and prefer to have a predictable and low key love life, yet turning points can challenge this.

A change in circumstances or crisis can unleash aspects of your sexual nature which you tried to suppress or control. You can become unexpectedly and intensely attracted to unusual partners who shake up the stability in your life and introduce you to new ways of exploring your sexual desires.

You may find it difficult to reconcile your sexual desires and longing for stability and although you may try to suppress or hide your own desires at first, you may come to find an unusual and chaotic partnership to be difficult to resist.

Pholus quincunx Eros in the birth chart

You may find it challenging to express your erotic nature because of dramatic changes or turning points beyond your control.

You may not fully trust yourself when it comes to exploring your erotic side. You may need to learn to appreciate your sexual desires and instincts. You can work to find clarity in your connection with intoxicating partners and find greater security and confidence to open up and express your desires and sexual fantasies.

You may need to build up your personal sense of acceptance and confidence in order to then become secure expressing your erotic and sexual nature.

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