Synastry Eros in the other person's houses

Eros-12-Harm.jpg Synastry Eros in the other person's 1st house: How do you help each other openly express your passions?

You help each other find greater confidence in your sensuality and sexuality.

House 1 person is transparent and honest with their infatuation with Eros person. Eros person helps House 1 person explore their deeper sexual desires and fantasies. Eros person and House 1 person may feel instantly attracted to each other.

Though sexuality is typically considered a personal and private matter, for Eros person and House 1 person, the relationship brings to the surface your deeper desires and shared longings.

As a couple, House 1 person and Eros person can help each other become more open and confident in your passions and erotic desires, and House 1 person may openly project their desires and fantasies, while Eros person helps push the limits and boundaries. Your passion for each other is no secret and may be clear to both of you from the very beginning of the relationship.

You may “wear” souvenirs of your devotion to each other, such as in a locket, on a tattoo or in some other form, making your shared infatuation a visible part of your outward identity.

Synastry Eros in the other person's 2nd house: How do you blend beauty, comfort and desire?

You help each other find greater value in the role of sexuality and eroticism in the relationship.

House 2 person likes to have physical, sensual and practical expressions of love and devotion, while Eros person loves to push the limits and explore desire and fantasies on every level. Both Eros person and House 2 person have practical, romantic and indulgent ways of showing devotion and infatuation.

Eros person may provide the spark of passion that helps House 2 person create a level, grounded framework to explore their fantasies and desires. You may also both place a high value on indulging in luxurious acts of pleasure and pampering each other.

Synastry Eros in the other person's 3rd house: How do you communicate your erotic desires and fantasies?

You both easily express your desires and fantasies in this relationship.

Eros person can bring out House 3 person's sexual and sensual side while House 3 person has a knack for verbalizing their fantasies. House 3 person and Eros person have a special bond and may be able to easily tune in to each others’ thoughts and ideas.

Your shared bond and infatuation with each other can be the inspiration for writing poetry, songs or love letters.

Eros person can be particularly infatuated with the sound of House 3 person's voice and may have a fetish about hearing House 3 person talk in sensual and erotic ways.

House 3 person can find greater confidence in their sensual side and may become more open about their fantasies and desires because of their connection to Eros person.

Synastry Eros in the other person's 4th house: How do you nurture each other’s erotic desires?

Eros person and House 4 person have a strong bond and can appreciate each other’s private desires.

Eros person channels their sensual and intimate desires in connection to House 4 person. House 4 person can easily nurture their desires in this relationship. Both House 4 person and Eros person can have a rich and sensual private life and can stimulate each other’s desires.

House 4 person and Eros person are sensitive to each other’s emotions and deeper desires and may be infatuated with the idea of having a family or sharing a home. You may also both help each other feel secure enough to reveal your deeper, most private fantasies and longings.

Eros person can be aroused by House 4 person's kindness, sensitivity and emotional nature. House 4 person finds greater comfort showing their desires and fantasies because of Eros person's sensual nature and intense connection.

Synastry Eros in the other person's 5th house: How do you express your sensual and erotic side?

Your attraction to each other is likely to start as a casual affair.

Though you light up each other’s passions and excite each other, this relationship can be competitive at some times and playful at other times. You can easily arouse and excite each other though it is unlikely either of you wants to be burdened with the responsibility of rules and boundaries.

Regardless of your ages, this relationship brings out the youthful nature of each of you. House 5 person can make Eros person feel young at heart again and inspires Eros person's creativity and playful side.

Eros person triggers House 5 person's sexual desires and leads them to dive right in to exploring their fantasies. Eros person and House 5 person can also help each other feel more confident about their sexuality and each can easily help each other embrace their inner child through sexual play.

Synastry Eros in the other person's 6th house: How do you help each other find pleasure?

Your relationship is unique in that while you can easily turn each other on, the excitement is often practical.

You may share fantasies of sensual encounters in the midst of routine and mundane activities. House 6 person may be aroused by the sight of Eros person doing mundane chores, for example.

Eros person can be passionate and intense and can help House 6 person discover their sensual nature. However House 6 person can also be a perfectionist, paying attention to ideals of purity and cleanliness.

Even during moments of intimacy, House 6 person will be controlled and take a calculating approach. You both can have controlled but reliable and dependable sensual routines.

House 6 person also helps Eros person pay attention to finer details.

Synastry Eros in the other person's 7th house: How do you collaborate to express your sensual side?

You are both mindful of balancing give and take in your erotic relationships.

Your relationship may be filled with balance and harmony. Eros person can find it easy to share their erotic nature with House 7 person. House 7 person can be fair minded and won’t enjoy a pleasurable experience if they don’t know for certain that Eros person is also having a good time.

Everything needs to be held in balance in this relationship. Eros person and House 7 person may find the perfect balance between romance, beauty and balance, pleasure and pain, intensity and gentleness.

House 7 person can slow Eros person's pace when Eros person becomes too eager or infatuated. Eros person can help House 7 person explore their fantasies and ideals as well.

Synastry Eros in the other person's 8th house: How do you channel your sensual and erotic power?

Power is an essential aspect of your shared sensuality and erotic connection.

House 8 person can be intense and views sexual encounters as transformative. Though they don’t like being dominated in any way, House 8 person may be aroused by Eros person if Eros person's fantasies and sexual expression includes various power games and role playing.

Both House 8 person and Eros person can show great power and passion, often becoming infatuated with each other. House 8 person and Eros person can help each other transcend boundaries and may come into each others’ lives during a time of loss or challenges.

Though the relationship can take on addictive qualities, it is also possible for Eros person and House 8 person to find transformation, confidence and rebirth as a result of their connection to each other.

Synastry Eros in the other person's 9th house: How do you explore your ideals and hedonistic side?

This relationship is filled with sensuality and pleasure seeking.

Both Eros person and House 9 person can uplift each other and bring out the best in each others’ deeper fantasies. Eros person can help House 9 person explore their fantasies and enjoy the pleasure in their relationship through sensual and erotic interactions.

House 9 person finds Eros person irresistible because they are naturally sensual and seductive. House 9 person is likely to have many fantasies and Eros person is open minded and eager to explore. Both find each others’ passions to be compelling.

House 9 person can be grandiose and optimistic and this helps Eros person feel confident about sharing their desires. House 9 person's ideals and love of travel and spirituality can be channeled by Eros person to broaden their sexual pleasure.

You may both explore fantasies about intimate encounters in unusual or exotic places or exploring the interconnection between sexuality and spirituality.

Synastry Eros in the other person's 10th house: How do you show your infatuation publicly?

Your relationship may be highly sexually charged, but you won’t show it unless it will benefit your career in some way.

Both House 10 person and Eros person are aroused and excited by each other’s ambitions and your shared or individual successes may be part of the fantasies you both explore together.

When it comes to showing your passions for each other, House 10 person and Eros person can’t hide your love and infatuation with each other.

You both have much to admire about each other and House may try to help Eros person advance in career.

Both House 10 person and Eros person can have a very public affair. Even if you keep the sexual aspects of your relationship out of the public eye, there will likely be public features to your relationship that are undeniable.

Synastry Eros in the other person's 11th house: How do you show your erotic connection in unusual ways?

Your relationship can be intense and highly unusual.

The attraction can strike House 11 person and Eros person like a lightning bolt. You may start out as friends or peers but will be powerfully attracted to each other.

Eros person can have an intense desire for House 11 person and House 11 person may be attracted to Eros person but will also be more aloof emotionally.

House 11 person may also see the relationship with Eros person as a means to explore unconventional sexual techniques or fantasies. All things taboo, unusual and unorthodox will attract House 11 person and Eros person to each other.

This relationship can be like a playground for House 11 person and Eros person to maintain a strong friendship while also breaking tradition and breaking down sexual barriers.

Your connection may be groundbreaking in some way or lead to both of you breaking down barriers and instigating some much needed change both in your sexual lives and personal lives in general.

Synastry Eros in the other person's 12th house: How do you find spiritual and sexual connection with each other?

You have a very unique connection in that you arouse and excite each other, yet the connection transcends the physical.

Eros person is sensual and physically attracted to House 12 person but also aroused by House 12 person's compassionate nature. House 12 person can be empathic and downright psychic.

They can be deeply connected to Eros person and can encourage Eros person to explore their emotional side rather than just focusing on the sexual connection.

You can both find profound spiritual advancement through your sensual connection to each other. You may even feel as if your sexual relationship is in some ways helping to heal your past wounds. House 12 person may find dramatic transformation and can be creative and inspiring to Eros person.

Eros person can help House 12 person explore their ideals and fantasies as Eros person is willing to match House 12 person's sexual desires.

Both Eros person and House 12 person can help each other find higher connection through your sexual connection.

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