Transiting Mars on natal Eros

By 12andus

Mars-Eros-Conj.jpg Transiting Mars conjunct natal Eros

During this time you may find it easier to express your arousal and attraction in dramatic and intense ways.

Your passions may be erupting now as you become more fixated on a love interest or sexual partner. You may suddenly feel like sex has become a game, or you may become more competitive in your search for sexual connection and satisfaction.

You can become obsessed with your own desires and needs now. You can also find heightened pleasure and erotic arousal in different forms of physical challenge, exertion and competition. You may become infatuated with exercise, athletics, your strengths.

You even become a bit self-obsessed now, especially if you’ve recently accomplished a personal success such as getting back into shape or proving yourself during a difficult period.

You may become more outwardly expressive of your demands when it comes to intimacy and sexuality and it can be easy for you to actually dominate others now and not even realize it at first.

This is a good time to channel your excitement and energy physically, both in your sexual encounters but also in other aspects of your life.

Transiting Mars sextile natal Eros

You may find it easier to express your passions and explore your fantasies and desires during this time.

You may be excited by a partner who is elusive and the thrill of the chase appeals to you now.

You may also have a deep desire to blend power and pleasure. You may find it exciting to prove yourself to your partner or to draw on this intense energy to become more active both for your own vitality but also to spice up your intimate life.

Transiting Mars square natal Eros

During this time you may find it more challenging than usual to express your passion and desires.

You can become more focused on yourself and your own needs and overlook the needs of your partner now. This can also be a difficult time to connect sexually and emotionally with an intimate partner. One way you can make the best of this time of tension and friction is that you can channel the tension to further find motivation.

You may become more aware of what you need or what your partner needs because of conflicts that erupt now. You may also become emboldened to fulfill your desires and fantasies now because you see what isn’t working when it comes to intimacy and sexuality.

Transiting Mars trine natal Eros

You can easily express your will and desires now.

This is an ideal time to pursue a passionate and intense romance that is highly sexually charged. You are passionate and intense and can find your erotic nature easily attracts a partner who is the ideal complement to your desires and fantasies. You can be charged up by an infatuation with a love interest and the thrill of the chase can become an important part of your intimate connection with a partner now.

You may also become infatuated with a partner who excites and energizes you. You can easily channel your energy to become more sexually expressive and aroused now.

Transiting Mars opposite natal Eros

You may find it challenging to find the energy and focus you need to fulfill your desires now.

An intimate relationship or partnership can bring frustration and conflict now. You may be infatuated with your partner but not easily align with each other’s needs. You may be trying too hard or not have the energy to pursue this person in the way you normally would.

You may feel compelled to chase or to suppress or stifle your arousal or excitement about this partner. This can also be a difficult time to find the right balance between passion and domination. In an effort to express your passions, you may inadvertently overwhelm or intimidate your partner.

This is an important time to re-evaluate what you think you desire and draw on your passions and vital energy to create balance between sexual expression and passionate nature.

Transiting Mars quincunx natal Eros

You may feel like you’re waiting in the wings and ready to explore your passions and desires but not yet confident.

You can become more focused, ambitious and passionate as you come to work through fears and insecurities you had about sexuality and eroticism. During this time, you may have to do some soul searching in order to draw on your powerful energy and passion and explore your fantasies and desires.

When you overcome this internal conflict, you’ll be able to more easily express your passionate nature and can become more radiant and attractive to others.

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