Transiting Pluto on natal Eros

By 12andus

Pluto-Eros-Conj.jpg Transiting Pluto conjunct natal Eros

You may become hopelessly obsessed with your love interest or object of your desire now.

Not only will you want to explore your obsession and sexual desires to the fullest, you may even become deeply changed by your attraction or fascination with your love interest. You may want to lose yourself and become reborn as a result of the connection you feel to your partner now.

This is a time when your fantasies and erotic desires are operating at full volume and you may not be able to get your love interest out of your mind. You may want to explore fantasies involving power and control and without even trying you may start to dominate your partner now.

Transiting Pluto sextile natal Eros

During this time you may find it easier than usual to express your powerful attraction to a partner.

Though you may go overboard and become infatuated, you are still in control of your energy and your obsession. Your erotic fantasies may center on experiences that explore power. You may also become deeply enamored of a partner who is in some way edgy or intense.

Your desires and fantasies can lead you to find great pleasure and transformation in an erotic relationship now as well.

Transiting Pluto square natal Eros

During this time you may feel intense friction between your desire for power and autonomy and your potential to lose yourself in intimacy.

You may want to explore your sexual desires and sensual energy but also fear losing control and revealing any vulnerability. Yet you can find the motivation you now need by drawing on the tension you feel. If you shift your perspective, you can come to embrace your desires and fantasies now.

Your infatuation can lead you to unlock a deeper level of intimacy and power in your relationships without sacrificing yourself or losing control.

Transiting Pluto trine natal Eros

During this time you may find it easier than usual to express your desires and erotic fantasies.

You can take a powerful and confident stance in your pursuit of pleasure and fulfillment, you may also discover regenerative and transformational power of sexual connection now. This is an important time to enhance your relationships by bringing greater intimacy and depth of connection.

You may also find greater power and transformation through the intimate connection with a partner now as well.

Transiting Pluto opposite natal Eros

You may find it challenging to work through your deeper fears and embrace your desires.

You may feel compelled to chase an intimate connection with a person who is the object of your infatuation, but at the same time you may feel like you need to also suppress your deeper desires.

Your sexual fantasies and erotic desires can have such power that you may feel like you could easily lose control and unleash something dramatic and intense through your obsessions.

This is an important time to find the balance between your sexual power and desires and your ability to channel this energy in transformative and productive ways.

You can lose yourself in an infatuation now, but you don’t have to give up all your power to an obsession. You can find a balance between maintaining control and opening up to deeper connection with your partner now.

Transiting Pluto quincunx natal Eros

During this time you may find it challenging to express your desires and fantasies.

Your urges and desires are powerful and you may not yet feel ready to express your desires in productive ways. You may be infatuated with someone who is not available. You may fear your desires and try to suppress them.

With some attention to working through your subconscious fears and desires, you can gain greater confidence in yourself and embrace your sexuality as a force for transformation and deeper connection in your relationships. You can also work to resolve old fears and insecurities about your erotic and sexual nature now.

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