Transiting Lilith on natal Eros

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    Lilith-Eros-Conj.jpg Transiting Lilith conjunct natal Eros

    During this time you may find it easy to express your desires in dramatic and rebellious ways.

    You may suddenly feel the need to rebel against the status quo and if an intimate partner has been stifling your creativity or self-expression, you may even feel compelled to rebel against the relationship.

    This can be a powerful time for intense self-expression and exploring your own dark side can further empower your intimate relationships. You may find it easy to become infatuated with your own freedom and independence and you may find greater pleasure without a committed partnership now.

    This can be an important time for you to reclaim your personal power by getting in touch with your sexual power. You may come to equate sexual freedom with autonomy and authority and may feel compelled to explore sexuality in new ways.

    Transiting Lilith sextile natal Eros

    During this time you may find it easy to break away from sexual norms and express your own independent desires.

    Your subconscious, raw, emotional energy can fuel your passions now and you may feel compelled to explore fantasies that fly in the face of tradition. This is an ideal time to explore what satisfies you and personally brings you pleasure, sexual or otherwise, as you also become more confident in your own power.

    You may become reacquainted with power you didn’t realize you had now as well, especially when channeled through your sexual or sensual nature.

    Transiting Lilith square natal Eros

    During this time you may find it challenging to express your sexual desires.

    Though you have a growing sense that the status quo is stifling and not conducive to your own personal needs, you may need to work to assert your independence now.

    You’ll find motivation in the sexual tension and urge for greater autonomy brewing beneath the surface now. When you do, you will be able to draw on this power as motivation.

    This leads you to express your unconscious desires more freely and to blend sexuality and creativity in more startling, rebellious and independent ways now as well.

    Transiting Lilith trine natal Eros

    During this time you may find it easy to express your sexual desires and needs, even if doing so breaks with convention.

    You are now realizing you don’t need the authority of someone else or an institution to give you permission to explore pleasure and sexuality. You may become more free and independent as you explore what brings you pleasure and satisfaction.

    You may also insist on having your own way and refuse to conform to anyone else’s standards of tradition and normality now. This is an excellent time to draw on your deeper urges and darker emotional longings and to channel these desires through sexual exploration and experimentation.

    Transiting Lilith opposite natal Eros

    You may find it challenging to express your desires and embrace your sexuality.

    Even when you consciously realize that you need to rebel against the limitations and restrictions of the status quo, on some subconscious level, you still feel like your deeper desires and passions are taboo or must be contained.

    You may now end up fighting with yourself to suppress your rebellious and sensual nature. Yet this is an ideal time to confront the fears that cause you to stifle your deep inner desires and fantasies so you can better explore the depths of your desires and fantasies.

    By finding the right balance between accepting your independent and powerful nature and need for freedom, and exploring your desire for intimacy, you will be able to express your sexual nature without becoming consumed by infatuation and obsession.

    Transiting Lilith quincunx natal Eros

    During this time you may feel awkward even though you also feel infatuated with a sexual attraction.

    You may also feel compelled to express your sexuality or intimacy in some new and more liberated way. At the same time, you may currently question whether or not you are ready to be as open and transparent as you need to be. Your desires may lead you to challenge convention or embrace taboo.

    By accepting your deep, raw inner emotions and even the darker side of your personality, you can more easily embrace your sexual power and find greater pleasure in your intimate encounters.

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