Transiting Pallas on natal Eros

    By 12andus

    Pallas-Eros-Conj.jpg Transiting Pallas conjunct natal Eros

    During this time you may find it easier than usual to combine your intense visionary power with your sensual nature.

    You may feel convinced that you are on a mission to win the heart of a person with whom you’ve become infatuated. You can have a powerful conviction about your relationship and become enthralled with the idea of rescuing someone who you believe to be in need saving.

    You may now become more enamored with the idea of blending sensuality and sexuality with your idealism and bigger image of connection. You may come to find sensual meaning in connection to actions and situations which are not overtly sexual.

    Transiting Pallas sextile natal Eros

    You may easily become infatuated with a crusade or mission now.

    You may become infatuated with a partner who is militant, passionate and highly intellectual now as well. Your determination and passion can currently enhance your desire for intimacy and sexual connection during this time.

    You may become obsessively focused on a love interest who encourages your crusade and idealism. You may encounter an important partner who becomes like a mentor or guide helping you discover your deeper fantasies and pleasures.

    Transiting Pallas square natal Eros

    You may find it challenging to express your desires and fantasies now.

    This can be a difficult time to find pleasure and intimacy with those you love because you are distracted by your ambitions and bigger vision. You may be stirred to follow your ideals now and in doing so may feel you need to put personal pleasure and fulfillment on the back burner.

    Yet you can also draw on the tension and friction you feel now in order to shift your perspective and find greater pleasure and satisfaction in your relationships with others.

    You can be imaginative and inventive when it comes to sexuality and sensuality, but you may also have to blend your keen insight and intuition with your passion and intense desires.

    Transiting Pallas trine natal Eros

    You may find it easy to express your desires and fantasies now.

    You can be much more assertive in your intimate relationships now and you may easily attract a partner who has great insight and can guide you to get in touch with your deeper pleasures and desires now.

    During this time you can find that your sensual nature is easily triggered and a cause or mission that is important to you can become instrumental in helping you to pursue your deeper inner desires and sensual nature.

    Transiting Pallas opposite natal Eros

    During this time you may feel conflicted about your sense of obligation to a crusade or mission and your personal, sensual desires.

    You may feel infatuated with a love interest or intimate partnership that seems to stand in the way or pose a distraction to your larger cause or ambitions. If you feel you have to choose between the two, you may choose your mission. Yet your desires and intense fantasies don’t just disappear.

    Instead, you may feel an undercurrent of passion and intense desire that compels you toward exploring your desires and erotic fantasies. This can be an important time for you to find the balance between your mission to help others create important breakthroughs and your need to find pleasure in various aspects of your life.

    Transiting Pallas quincunx natal Eros

    During this time you may find it challenging to express your sensual or sexual nature.

    You may be drawn toward an erotic or sexual relationship and at the same time feel unprepared to balance your sense of mission or crusade with your deeper desire for pleasure and sexuality.

    You may need to step back and explore your inner hang ups and beliefs regarding sexuality and passion so that you can come to prioritize pleasure and intimacy. You don’t have to choose between your mission and your own intimate connection, you can in fact draw on your passion and creativity to create a stronger connection to an intimate partner.

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