Transiting Eros on natal Moon

By 12andus

Moon-Eros-Conj.jpg Transiting Eros conjunct natal Moon

During this time, your intense sexual energy is focused on relationships that make you feel comfortable and secure.

You may find the perfect mix between your emotional nature and desire for nurturing and comfort and your erotic, exciting and intense desire for pleasure and satisfaction. You may become infatuated with someone who makes you feel at home.

You may also find the perfect blend of emotional and sexual satisfaction in relationships now as well. Your intimate desires become important to creating an emotional bond in your relationship with your partner now.

This is an important time to ramp up the intense sexual connection you feel toward someone you have an emotional connection to. Your sexual desires are the key to propelling you to new levels of connection during this time as well.

Transiting Eros sextile natal Moon

You may find it easier than usual to bring your deep desires and erotic fantasies to the surface now.

You can forge a deeper emotional connection with your partner now as you draw on your erotic fantasies and find greater attachment to someone who is an instrumental influence in your private life.

You may become infatuated with the idea of family, marriage or sharing a home with your partner. You may also become aroused by a partner who makes you feel emotionally validated and secure during this time.

Transiting Eros square natal Moon

During this time you may find it challenging to express your emotional desires and erotic nature.

You may fear you’ll lose the emotional security you have established with an intimate partner but your erotic desires are surging to the surface now. This can create tension and friction. If you shift your perspective, you can now build on the emotional connection you have and create a stronger intimate connection as well.

You may have to work around old expectations or traditions and breakthrough so that you can now embrace deeper levels of intimacy through erotic encounters that challenge your comfort zone at first.

Transiting Eros trine natal Moon

You may find it easier to express your erotic fantasies now.

The emotional connection that forms the basis of your relationship to your intimate partner can become the foundation for a deeper exploration of intimacy and sexuality. You may now become more aware of your deeper desires as your secure and emotionally supportive relationship gives way to exploring new levels of pleasure and excitement.

This is an ideal time to explore your deeper fantasies and you may become infatuated with the idea of home, family and emotional connection. Nurturing becomes important to your sexual fantasies now as well.

Transiting Eros opposite natal Moon

You may feel conflicted because of a desire to express your erotic and sexual nature and your need to protect your emotional sensitivity.

You may now feel compelled to explore your deeper emotional desires and express your sexual nature now but your relationship may not be as intuitively and emotionally validating as you would like. You may feel unsettled and use erotic connection as a means to bring depth or foundation to the relationship, but to no avail.

Instead of going to extremes in suppressing either your emotional nature or your erotic nature, this is an ideal time to find the right balance between your deeper desires and fantasies and your need for emotional security.

When you find this balance, you’ll be able to find pleasure and fulfillment without dismissing your intuition or disrupting your need for emotional security.

Transiting Eros quincunx natal Moon

This is a challenging time for your intimate relationsihps.

You may feel compelled to pursue your desires and follow your infatuation with a romantic or intimate partner now. At the same time, you may have the intuitive sense that this person is not available or does not share your love and connection.

Rather than using sexuality or seduction as a way to try to get to the heart of your loved one, you may need to step back and find the balance between your desires and fantasies and your longing for an emotionally solid relationship.

When you do, you’ll be better able to respect your own boundaries and intuition and trust when a partner is truly interested in both an emotional and sensual connection.

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