Transiting Eros on natal Mars

    By 12andus

    Mars-Eros-Conj.jpg Transiting Eros conjunct natal Mars

    During this time you may find it easy to express your passions through eroticism and sexual exploits.

    You may feel compelled to experiment sexually and explore your fantasies now by putting your ideas into action. You can become obsessed with an intimate partner who is active, athletic or who presents some sort of challenge or conquest.

    The idea of competition and ambition can also become highly arousing for you now as well. You may have fantasies including winning over the love of a partner or chasing a love interest.

    Your sexual desires can be channeled as a matter of overcoming some trials or tribulations or showing your strength or power in some way.

    This can be an important time for you to become more ambitious in your pursuit of pleasure and you can embrace your sexuality with greater confidence now as well.

    Transiting Eros sextile natal Mars

    You may become more excited by a sexual interest or find a partner infatuating now.

    Your sex life and sensual interests can be heightened during this time as you become more highly confident in your sensual side. You may feel compelled to pursue sexual fantasies that involve pursuit, conquest and feats of strength.

    You may also become obsessed with intense passion and the idea of winning over the love and devotion of a specific person.

    Transiting Eros square natal Mars

    You may find it challenging to express your passions and interests now.

    You may have intense sexual desires that are now stifled by not having the right balance between give and take in a relationship. You may be frustrated by a partner who is not available but with whom you’ve become obsessed.

    You may also feel propelled to express your sexual nature but struggle to find a partner who matches your sexual appetite and shares your desires.

    You may be too domineering toward a partner now and this can be a good time to step back and adjust your perspective or approach so that you can more effectively channel your erotic desires and find greater pleasure and fulfillment.

    Transiting Eros trine natal Mars

    During this time you may find it easier than usual to draw on your erotic energy and focus your ambition and motivation to explore what brings you pleasure.

    Even in intimate relationships, you may become more focused on your own pleasure. Yet you won’t be any less popular with your partner now. Your intimate encounters may become more intense, passionate and obsessive now.

    This is an ideal time to explore the depths of your fantasies as well as your erotic nature. You may become easily aroused by challenges or by the prospect of chasing your love interest.

    Transiting Eros opposite natal Mars

    During this time you may find it challenging to find satisfaction and pleasure in your intimate relationships.

    You may become overly infatuated with an unavailable person or with someone who doesn’t share your intense desire. You may also become more aroused by some objective aspect of a partner and lose sight of the emotional connection in a relationship.

    You may become focused on your own pleasure and lose sight of your partner’s needs or frustrations and hostilities in a relationship can shift the focus of a relationship away from the pursuit of pleasure and intimate connection.

    During this time it is important for you to step back and find the balance between your personal ambitions and the passions that compel you to seek pleasure with a partner. You may be trying too hard or overwhelming your partner with too many demands now.

    Striking the right balance will help you draw on your erotic nature and fuel a satisfying, passionate relationship.

    Transiting Eros quincunx natal Mars

    During this time you may find it challenging to express your erotic, passionate nature.

    You may feel unprepared to express your sexual nature or may go to extremes of being too dominating or stifling your sensual side. When you take the time to connect with your sensual nature and deeper fantasies now, however, you’ll be much better able to assert your desires in a relationship.

    You will also be able to create pleasure from sexual tension in a relationship when you find the right pace and balance of intensity and reciprocity.

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