Transiting Eros on natal Saturn

By 12andus

Saturn-Eros-Conj.jpg Transiting Eros conjunct natal Saturn

You may find it easy to express your erotic desires and fantasies now and you can give form to your fantasies now.

This is an ideal time to set a secure foundation for your desires and manifest your erotic fantasies now. You may be aroused by tradition and find practical forms of courtship appealing now.

This is an important time to become clear and grounded in your sexual nature. Keeping your desires simple and to the point will be more exciting than indulging in too much fantasy now.

You may prefer a no-frills approach to love and lust now and may even objectify some specific aspect of your love interest rather than seeing them as a holistic person.

During this time you may even find an older partner captivating. You may become aroused by someone who is down to earth, business oriented or successful in career.

Your erotic fantasies may also involve someone who is influential in business or successful in their career.

Transiting Eros sextile natal Saturn

During this time you may find it easy to express your erotic passions in practical, down to earth ways.

You may take on a more materialistic form of expressing your desire for a partner. You may also become more infatuated by traditional forms of sexual expression now.

Less is more and you may become aroused by routines involving teasing, restraint or restriction or may even find periods of abstinence more exciting now.

This can be a good time to explore your desires in more physical, practical and routine ways. You can also become aroused by those who are successful in business or who are traditional in some way.

Transiting Eros square natal Saturn

You may find it challenging to express your erotic nature now.

Rather than pursuing your sexual fantasies and desires fully now, you may feel compelled to restrict or abstain from sexual connection now. Toning down your deeper desires and passionate side can also help you set the foundation for a more solid, stable relationship in the long term.

This is an important time for you to adjust your perspective and change your approach so that you don’t feel you have to completely block your desires and fantasies in order to create security in the relationship.

Transiting Eros trine natal Saturn

During this time you may find it easier to express your desires in specific, concrete and physical ways.

You may become more materialistic about your desires now and can become minimalistic in your approach to love and sexuality. You may become infatuated with a love interest who is physically satisfying as well as traditional, successful and practical.

Older people may also be attractive to you now as well and you may become aroused by someone who reminds you of the past or who is mature and stable. Trappings of success and wealth can also be arousing to you now.

Transiting Eros opposite natal Saturn

During this time you may feel strife between part of yourself that encompasses passion and desire and another part that is restrictive and traditional.

You may want to break free from confines and tradition and explore your desires on a deeper level now but will have to work through restrictions or limitations.

When you step back and explore how traditional beliefs, society or family influence has limited your views of pleasure and sexuality, you will be better able to find the ideal balance between your practical nature and your erotic, passionate side.

You may become more confident in your sexuality and can indulge in fantasies and routines that involve patience, restraint, some degree of abstinence or practicality and sexual desire built on the tensions of challenge or difficulties.

Transiting Eros quincunx natal Saturn

During this time you may find it more challenging to express your erotic, imaginative nature.

You may opt to express your love and infatuation in practical, simple ways now. You may become more secure in the foundation you create in an intimate relationship now but will have to work to create the stability you desire.

When you do, you’ll be able to show your desire and sexual nature in traditional, practical ways. You may come to embrace the excitement of both abstinence and indulgence in pursuing pleasure.

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